Is your home 'best friend' proof?

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Nothing completes a home quite like a much-loved and spoilt dog that really rules the roost and though you might think that designer collars, the best food and regular cuddles are all they need to be happy, don't forget that this is a two-way relationship!

Man's best friend can quickly become a home's worst nightmare if you don't think about the impact that a noisy, wet and sometimes smelly dog can have on your interior design scheme. Take a look at our tips for creating a pet-friendly, stylish and comfortable home for you and your dog and see if you can use any of them in the house you share with a special pooch!

Choose a luxurious dog bed

Well there look to be no complaints from this happy chap regarding the comfort and style of his dog bed, from Cloud 7 so we can only assume that it has been given the all important pup seal of approval!

Any pet-friendly home relies on animals having access to comfortable beds where they feel safe and snug all day long and we are in love with this large example that has been finished in a very stylish moss green. Make sure that the bed is large enough for your dog to really stretch out and think about the fabrics that it will be made from, as some can be easily snagged on dew claws and cause a lot of pain and distress!

Have a room especially for your dog

Ashurst House | Classic Contemporary Grey Painted Boot Room Humphrey Munson Kitchen
Humphrey Munson

Ashurst House | Classic Contemporary Grey Painted Boot Room

Humphrey Munson

We know not everyone will have the free space to create a designated dog room in their house, but before you dismiss the idea completely, let us tell you why they can be so vital in a pet-friendly home.

Dogs need walking every day, regardless of the weather, so at some point you will be returning to the warmth of your house on a cold, wet winter's day, with a very muddy dog in tow. Do you want dirty little paws running all over your floors and furniture? No, we didn't think so! Having a specific dog room close to the entrance of your house allows for a transitional space where mucky pups can get dried and dusted off before being let loose again. We think even just repurposing an area in a boot room will serve as a useful spot.

Match your colour scheme to your dog

Balmoral large sofa in Rich Chocolate faux leather homify Living roomSofas & armchairs

Balmoral large sofa in Rich Chocolate faux leather


We know some of you are rolling your eyes at this suggestion but think about it a little more and you'll see that it makes perfect sense, especially if you don't want to be a stupidly fastidious cleaner!

While pooches are wonderful and the joy they bring to your life is immeasurable, they also bring a lot of slobber and fur shedding. If you have an all white interior, you are unlikely to want a large black New Foundland, which are known to be a heavy shedders. You might do much better with a West Highland Terrier so that their fur will be a little less easy to spot. We love this regal Bassett that is really stealing the show in his brown living room and look, not a hair in sight thanks to the coordinating scheme!

Avoid carpet if you can

Colorado Secuoya Wood Effect Porcelain Tile The London Tile Co. Walls & flooringTiles
The London Tile Co.

Colorado Secuoya Wood Effect Porcelain Tile

The London Tile Co.

Warm underfoot and wonderfully luxurious, we can understand the appeal of a luxurious carpet in your house, but if you are looking to create a pet-friendly home then we recommend you dismiss the notion of Axminster and look to more practical solutions.

While wooden floors offer good practicality, unless finished perfectly, they do pose a threat of splinters in your best friend's paws, so we love this innovative idea, which is ceramic floor tiles that look like natural wood. The best of every world, they offer easy cleaning, gorgeous aesthetics and best of all, if you install them with underfloor heating, you will have a very happy, warm-bellied pup in your home!

Choose stain resistant fabrics

With the best will in the world, even perfectly trained dogs can have accidents, especially when they get older or ill and exuberant pooches will have no qualms about jumping on your new sofa with muddy paws, so we implore you to think about stain resistant fabrics when choosing any soft furnishings!

Don't leave the fate of your new purchases to chance when you have a dog in the house, as they can't understand why one day they are welcome on the sofa and the next, when they are wet and smelly, they aren't. Consistency is key, so choosing fabrics that can be easily wiped, washed or brushed is a good way to ensure a happy, pet-friendly home for years to come.

Don't forget the accessories

Large Rustic Olive Wood Serving Board The Rustic Dish KitchenKitchen utensils
The Rustic Dish

Large Rustic Olive Wood Serving Board

The Rustic Dish

We know this is supposed to be a beautiful food board for humans, but what if you took design all the way through to your pet accessories and served them their meals, in a bowl, on this, instead of a standard plastic mat? Pet-friendly home ideas may have never been so indulgent!

Yes it might seem extravagant but can you really put a price on your pet and your interior scheme? We could imagine this in a rustic kitchen, pride of place on the floor, with a personalised set of bowls on top of it and the best thing is, it's easy to clean! Spoil our dogs? Never!

Pick out stylish storage solutions

Storage Jar with Wooden Lid - Taupe Oggetto KitchenStorage

Storage Jar with Wooden Lid—Taupe


Owning a dog means you will necessarily accrue a lot more possessions and we don't just mean toys and beds. Dog food and treats can take up a colossal amount of space, depending on how indulgent you are and if you have a Great Dane or a teacup Chihuahua, but that doesn't mean it can't be stylish space!

We love the idea of selecting high end storage canisters and jars to keep dog food and treats in, especially if they are displayed with all the human food too. It's a fun way to demonstrate that not only is your dog an important part of the family, but it's also worthy of designer goods!

For more family home inspiration take a look at this Ideabook: Creating A Child-Friendly Garden.

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