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This unusual yet interesting wooden home in Wilanow, near Warsaw in Poland, strives to be original, eclectic, attractive, modern, fun and completely different! This home certainly takes everything to the next level by incorporating nature and the environment into the design and structure. 

From the exterior to the interior of this rustic home, nothing is left to chance. It has an enchanting and characterful appearance in every aspect: the personality and style of the owners are represented in each and every corner with a wild use of the imagination and limitless ideas. The interior design team at Stando Interior Design took their task seriously and ensured that all angles and aspects of the brief were matched and complied with accurately and successfully.

Wooden front view

This inspirational home has so many contrasting qualities, with the dark graphite roof standing in a totally opposite colour to the honey hue of the vertical wooden panels that were used so effectively in making this façade different yet full of character. 

The single storey house has a simple pitched roof structure, adding to the personality of this fun home design, the vertical exposed wooden panels are opposing the roof shape and structure. However, the placement of the materials, colour contrast and different elements work well together. 

The inclusion of windows and glass doors throughout this home allow for maximum light exposure indoors and make this home cosy, inviting and warm to guests and inhabitants. It seems almost like a modern take on a cabin in the design qualities, but with a twist for effect. This home is definitely one not to be missed if quirky and fun is the order of your day!

Terrace views

This large and magnificent land space shows off a beautiful manicured green lawn and garden as well as functional terrace area and of course the strikingly blue swimming pool. The neutral tones of the house in the background seems to make this pool even more stunning and effective. 

The terrace can be converted into an outdoor living, dining and kitchen area at the poolside during those intensely hot summer months, how ingenious! Who wouldn't want to spend a lazy relaxing weekend by the pool and not have to move for anything? Or just lounge around and enjoy a good book, Seems like a great idea!

The outdoor living area allows inhabitants to sit back and enjoy the fresh air, natural warming sunlight and even catch a tan, all from the comfort of their own terrace. This home really has a practical feel and is so well nestled into the surrounding environment, it fits in perfectly!

Colourful attraction

The character of the home and the inhabitants first comes through in the vibrant use of colour displayed in this homely extension of the living room. This closer look at the relaxing and reclining outdoor living space sees simple design and neutral tones mixed with some form of popping colour. 

The addition of unconventional furniture complements the terrace area making it striking, eye-catching and fun. While providing a sense of happiness that comes with the use of so many lively colours. This area exudes a funky vibrant atmosphere of an ongoing party. 

The use of natural wooden elements as seen in the deck and table, combined with the multi-coloured accessories and accents on the corner sofa with the abundance of scatter pillows allow for this area to enjoy a bit of summer all year round. With so many colours and statement pieces of furniture, the terrace area is really the best part of this home.

Living indoors

This funky yet original wooden home translates the vibrant atmosphere indoors too, with the accented use of colour throughout the living room space, although not as outspoken as the outdoor terrace area. This living room sees statement pieces added in different areas throughout and even includes a fundamental art piece. 

The use of darker graphite tones is evident again in the comfortable and soft furniture of the living room, however the similar wooden honey shade is brought through to the room through the scatter pillows and wood and glass coffee table. A similar grey wooden tone is used in the flooring, making this room appear grey wall-to-wall, but adding a few colourful pieces gives it an unshakeable personality.

Again we see the table using multi-coloured designer chairs to make a modern bohemian statement look, this works well in the overall example of the living room, showing that colour and neutral pieces can be utilised together for an original yet funky character-filled home.

Unusual bedroom

In keeping with the original strategy of making every aspect of this home unusual, the bedroom is no different. It sees a bedroom with a different take on the en suite bathroom approach, as the bathroom is actually inside the bedroom with only a glass door separating the toilet from the rest of the room.

The magnificent use of skylights here ensure that natural light will be a staple presence throughout the day, while dynamic spotlights with an industrial design will provide illumination to the space at night. The neutral toned walls once again allow this bedroom to be warm and welcoming, making décor inter-changeable as per the mood. 

The irregularly shaped bed is an attraction itself, situated in the middle of the room and the grey pod shaped base makes changing bed linen to suit a different colour mood quick and easy. The large wooden cupboard in the bedroom provides ample storage space, adding a splash of the natural wooden colour here too. 

For more bedroom inspiration check out: How To Make Your Bedroom More Romantic.

What a bathroom!

This bathroom takes en suite to the next level, it's actually inside the bedroom with no walls or partitioning separating it from the actual bedroom. A little daring and adventurous for some, but the idea seems to match and blend well with the quirkiness of this entire home. 

The bathroom itself is nothing short of luxury with a seemingly at home spa included in it and only the best quality spacious ceramic bath tub included in it. While natural light will flow steadily throughout the day into this beautiful bathroom. We finally get a good view of that large cabinet in the bedroom and it's a really brilliant piece!

This stunning setting exudes elegance and style, while maintaining a fun character, the use of and the layout of this entire space almost makes it seem larger than what it is. While the inclusion of natural stone and wood tones make this bathroom that much more opulent. 

What was your favourite aspect of this cool wooden home?

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