modern Garage/shed by Excelencia en Diseño

​16 homes with cool garages for you to copy

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
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We can all appreciate the importance of a garage or carport – it needs to have a firm commitment to space and storage, seeing as it is where you store your prized possession each and every day.

But let’s be honest – in addition to being practical, that garage can also look quite stylish – like we said, it is where you store your prized possession. And why would you ever feel the need to park your beauty in a grimy and cluttered spot? 

So, to celebrate the beauty of garages (and oh-so clever architects who understand the importance of an aesthetically pleasing space for our cars), let’s take a look at 16 examples of houses who look quite striking and fantastic thanks to the addition of garages.

Which one will be your favourite?

1. A few timber beams, some reeds for shading, and ta-da: a rustic-looking carport in no time!

2. We just love how this open garage suits the modern style of the entire house, and yet it’s coated in white to make it stand out.

3. This garage opted for a sleek design and glamorous lights to really make it a focal point.

4. Now you can relax knowing that your four-wheeled beauty is safe and sound indoors.

5. Less is indeed more, with this minimalist-style garage connected to the main house.

6. Don’t you think this timber pergola model looks simply smashing for a carport?

rustic Garden by ArchDesign STUDIO
ArchDesign STUDIO


ArchDesign STUDIO

7. Not one, but two open garages are situated underneath this ultra contemporary house – love that colour scheme!

modern Garage/shed by 주택설계전문 디자인그룹 홈스타일토토
주택설계전문 디자인그룹 홈스타일토토

초저녁 무렵의 개러지하우스

주택설계전문 디자인그룹 홈스타일토토

8. Clean and simple definitely wins the style game here.

minimalistic Houses by PUNTO A PUNTO ARQUITECTURA



9. Now this is where you park your car in style – wooden beams and crystal-clear glass for a ceiling/skylight.

10. Don’t underestimate the importance of lighting to highlight your entire house, including your garage – this house certainly didn’t.

11. No need to hide your garage around a corner, especially not when it is such a chic and elegant focal point as this one!

modern Garage/shed by Your Architect London
Your Architect London

dezanove house designed by iñaki leite—front view at twilight

Your Architect London

12. That driveway seems to stretch on forever, allowing all the visiting friends to park their cars in style while socialising.

13. These owners felt their car deserved its own special little structure apart from the main house. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

14. This cubic-style house shines the spotlight on the garage by coating it in a light stone-grey colour.

15. Rustic stone walls combined with glimmering lights? Now that’s how you treat your four-wheeled beauties to style.

16. This elongated garage lights up as soon as the sun sets, displaying those vehicles with pride and satisfaction.

Which of these examples have inspired you to do some touch-ups to your own garage / carport back home?
modern Houses by Casas inHAUS

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