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​A simple home with something that everyone can copy

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
wada architectural design office 和田設計 Modern dining room
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Part of our mission here on homify is not only to flaunt beautiful spaces – although we do love looking at those – but also to share ideas with you. Whether it’s tips such as spring-cleaning your entire house, planning the most awesome housewarming party, or which colours to use for your bedroom, we definitely hope that you take a few ideas on a daily basis as inspiration for your own spaces (s) back home.

Which brings us to today’s piece: a clean and modern little abode situated in Matsuyama, Japan, which presents a bunch of ideas that almost all of us can use.

Whether it’s a tip on how to save space in the bedroom or which stairs to use, we are sure that there’s a hint in here that just about everybody can use back home. 

Let’s start gathering ideas…

The front entrance

Adorned in a warm timber, the front door delightfully announces its presence as it stands out among the whites and light neutrals of the façade. We know that a lot of people opt for placing a few decorative elements at their main entrances (such as potted plants or perhaps a bench), but this example shows that a minimalist approach to a front entrance can also work – as long as it’s neat and clean.

Multi-purpose furniture

Faced with a small interior? In addition to using clean and calm tones as this home does, it also makes use of surfaces that can be used for multiple purposes. For example, the wall table can work perfectly fine as a dining spot or a work surface. It also looks spacious enough to hold a bunch of décor items, especially considering the open shelves above.

Saving on space

We firmly recommend going with an open-riser staircase if your house is a bit on the small side (and you have a choice, of course). The reason is because this type of staircase presents an open area underneath which you can be optimised in a number of ways, from an informal little office to a reading corner, to storage compartments or an interior garden.

The open-riser also allows us to see between the steps, which helps in adding more visual space to the interior.

Glass… and lots of it

When it comes to the dining area and kitchen, the architect also resorted to clever planning in order not to make any spaces seem cluttered. Glass doors and windows allow for an abundance of natural light to filter indoors, as well as welcome in the view from outside.

In addition, an open-plan layout was opted for, which means more visual space between the different rooms.

And see how the dining area makes use of warm timber, yet the adjoining kitchen is coated in crisp white colours – a very clever way to separate two distinct areas without bringing in room dividers.

Less furniture

We understand that not all of us live by the “less is more” motto, and that some of us actually want to have a plush bed with a giant headboard for aesthetic (and comfort) purposes. However, if the Japanese have been using this sort of design for their bedrooms for centuries, then there must be something to it, right? 

The bed, as it is built into the floor, takes up no space whatsoever. And you don’t need to worry about additional pieces like side tables. It’s a simple matter of adding some pillows and blankets or a duvet in here to get a good night’s sleep.

But to each his own.

The exterior look

We conclude our tour by taking a quick look at the house from the outside. And the tip that we want to share with you here? Monochrome colours. 

Black and white has always been known as the royal choice for colour contrast, and with good reason: it provides an elegant and timeless look that will always be in style. And it can also serve as a sophisticated background palette for when you feel the need to bring in additional touches of colours, like blue or red, as it won’t clash with anything. 

Who knew that there could be so much to learn from using so few items? 

Speaking of different tones, let’s see: How to choose the perfect colours for your bedroom.

Which of these tips will you be using in your own home?

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