7 beautiful patios for small houses

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Having a beautiful patio at home is priceless. Those few square meters that we add to the house may be few but they contribute a lot. Patios, gardens and terraces can enhance our home and create a much happier and multi-functional environment.

patio is the space attached to the house, which is usually open at the sides but closed at the top. It should be free of walls, allowing the fresh air and sunshine to flow through it, but it should be protected by a roof so that it can be enjoyed in most weather conditions. You want your patio to be protected from the rain and be easily accessible from the inside of the home. 

A patio provides a preamble to your entrance, where you can have conversations with the neighbours and give out those farewell kisses. It's also a place of rest where you can enjoy the surrounding nature without leaving home. 

This is why today at homify, we having put together 7 charming ideas for you that will inspire you when it comes to your own patio.

Let's take a look!

The corner patio that's simple and charming

Facade Renovation / Repairing Cracks RenoBuild Algarve Rustic style house
RenoBuild Algarve

Facade Renovation / Repairing Cracks

RenoBuild Algarve

In this design by professionals Renobuild Algarve, we can see that the roof of the patio extends from the house itself.

What really makes this patio is the absence of the walls on to the two sides, while the other two sides are made up of the house itself. Reinforced concreted was used here in conjunction with a partial stone coating, which gives it a more homely character.

A large step under a wooden cover

Here we can see that the patio is defined by a large step, which also provides access to the home. However, it's a large enough space that you can really enjoy this area too.

The roof is an extension of the roof of the house with wooden beams and columns that match the colour of the home itself.

A porch that is also a pergola

This porch is simple but beautiful.

Besides being functional, it is also a meeting space for the family as a well as an area to protect the car.

Unlike the previous image that we explored, this patio is totally independent of the structure of the house. The columns are very light and wooden sticks are used for the covering. This is very cool and easy to build.

Have a look at this: Step-by-step guide on how to build a pergola.

A simple but extraordinary patio with lattice work

This patio is really interesting, beautiful and classic.

Many people judge the ventilation blocks and lattice work mistakenly, thinking that they are old-fashioned but nothing could be further from the truth. The ventilation blocks are a timeless and simply beautiful construction element, which in this case have been masterfully put together.

During the day, the sun can penetrate the home, while fresh air constantly flows through it. This design is simply a work of art.

A narrow patio for a rural home

This patio serves as a spot for relaxing as well as a corridor alongside the house. There are several doors throughout the facade, which can be entered fro the outside. It is highly recommended that this type of patio is covered securely.

Don't you love the rustic look and feel?

A small yet robust porch defines access to the house

Even the most traditional and simple houses can have a lot of personality.

In this design, we can see how the round columns on the patio define the access to the house and give it character and charm.

A patio full of colour and vegetation

We have said it before, but we will say it again: plants beautify any space. A patio with flowers gives a message that the house is cheerful. Pairing beautiful plants with bright walls is a solution that never fails.

Also have a look at these: 15 little gardens that will be precious in small patios.

Which is your favourite patio?

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