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The welcoming family home that has a secret in the kitchen

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Japanese architecture is a firm favourite of ours at homify, teaching all South Africans how sleek and minimalist design can go a very long way even when it comes to a comfortable family home.

This is why we are delighted to bring you this incredible project today, designed by architect professionals Goto Hisayoshi Design Office

This large and modern family home is the perfect combination of simple and sophisticated. It is also a wonderful example of how we can create more space in our homes as well as a wonderful sense of serenity and practicality.

As we explore this home from the outside in, we will see just how we too can create the same design features in our very own home.

Let's take a look!

The modern masterpiece

From the outside of the home, we can see that this is a very contemporary and modern structure where the designers have played with the space available to them to create different shapes and dimensions. 

On the left, we can see that the home features a dramatically slanted roof, which creates a very unique and visually stimulating design. On the right, the home features a flat roof.

The dark grey facade is enhanced by the beautiful green trees and plants throughout the exterior space. Soft little lights have also been strategically placed to illuminate the details of the design. 

A warm wooden door makes for a very inviting entrance, again enhanced by the soft lights included in the little alcove.

A different perception

If we go around to the back of the house, the home takes on a whole new look and feel!

From this side, the home looks like it is spread over one storey and is very simple and modest. Don't you love the gorgeous tiled roof, which neatly packages the home beneath it?

We can also see how there is a wonderful connection between the interior and exterior spaces, which is characteristic of Japanese design. The large glass windows and doors allow the home to spill out onto the beautiful garden, visually and aesthetically expanding the living area.

The light wooden finishes are the cherry on top of this gorgeous design.

The impressive interior

The home inside is very sleek and contemporary with a touch of retro! 

The designers have gone for a neutral colour palette including light wooden floors and white walls and ceiling. The earthy tones are enhanced by the natural light that flows into the space through the large glass windows and doors. 

Do you see what an impact natural light makes in the home? Have a look at these tips for bathing your home in natural light.

The living room and kitchen flow into one another, featuring splashes of colours in the form of a bright red rug and a funky yellow and red chair. This is subtle yet very trendy!

The kitchen island

Secret revealed: A two-tier breakfast bar!

At homify, we're a big fan of kitchen islands! They add extra storage space to the kitchen, keeping it neat and tidy. They also provide an extra surface space for cooking and preparing food.

In this design, we can see how the kitchen island subtly separates the kitchen from the rest of the living space, while still allowing a wonderful interaction between the rooms. 

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The traditional bedroom

The bedroom of this home is a traditional Japanese-style space, with a minimalist look and feel.

A bedroom is meant to be tranquil and serene and this is a wonderful example of how to achieve it! With limited furniture and only the most necessary of items and features, you can use this kind of space for meditating or yoga. This is a great way to start every day refreshed and rejuvenated. 

You'll also notice that there is plenty of natural light in this space as well as soft lighting in the form of a drop down ceiling lamp. You want a room to have ambiance and mood so choose soft lights, lanterns, lamps and candles where ever possible.

The sophisticated bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most sleek rooms in the house with dark tones that are invigorated by the sunshine that flows into the room. The entire one wall of the bathroom is a window, creating a light and bright space that is connected to the beautiful surrounds.

This makes for a very appealing bathroom space. Can you imagine relaxing in a hot bath while enjoying the natural surrounds?

If you have a lot of natural light in a small space like this, you can afford to have darker tones. Do you see what an elegant touch they bring to the space?

Open spaces

In this image, we can see how the open plan design makes for a very light, bright and spacious design that is simply stunning!

The rooms all flow into one another, making for a very interactive and social space. This is great for a family home, allowing plenty of space for everyone to spend time with one another as well as private areas where members of the family can relax in their own space.

This image also clearly shows us how the neutral tones enhance the sunlight that flows through the home. 

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