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15 headboards you will love for your bedroom

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When it comes to bedroom design, we are all looking for something special. Our bedroom is the most private space of our home, that one last bastion of privacy which you can escape to, even if your personal space in the rest of the house has been compromised. It is also the room which reflects the most of our individual personality, the one place where you can express your passions and personal tastes without restriction. 

It comes as no surprise then, that you would want to furnish and decorate your bedroom with utmost care and ensure a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space. One of the ways you can do this is by adding a headboard to your bed—a feature which comes in so many different shapes and sizes that you are sure to find one which reflects your personality. 

To help you in your quest to find just the right headboard for your own room, we bring you this list of 15 inspiring headboards you'll fall in love with and would want for your own. Let's take a look…

1. Wooden classic

This strip of wood is simply elegant, especially against the striped background. 

2. Upcycling

mediterranean Bedroom by Home Staging Factory
Home Staging Factory

Old windows headboard

Home Staging Factory

These old wooden doors make for a beautiful headboard!

3. Velvet luxury

modern Bedroom by choc studio interieur
choc studio interieur

bed met maatwerk headboard

choc studio interieur

The richnes of this grey velvet headboard carries the design of the whole room. 

4. Alternative rhythm

Also in wood, but with an alternative twist.

5. More upcycling

mediterranean Bedroom by Home Staging Factory
Home Staging Factory

Old windows headboard

Home Staging Factory

These simple repurposed window frames look just as lovely. 

6. Minimal

minimalistic Bedroom by Daifuku Designs
Daifuku Designs

Master bedroom

Daifuku Designs

This narrow strip of wood can be a beautiful addition. 

7. Petite

No bed is too small to have a headboard!

8. Extravagence

This mosaic headboard is exceptionally appealing and evocative. 

9. Mirrored

This room look royal with the legant curved headboard against a wall-size mirror.

10. Monochrome

modern Bedroom by Mille Couleurs London
Mille Couleurs London

Upholstered headboard

Mille Couleurs London

This headboard fits in very well with the colour scheme of the room

11. Textured

minimalistic Bedroom by homify

HeadBoard Details


The intricate patterns carved onto this wooden headboard makes for an interesting texture. 

12. Delicate

This upholstered headboard is perfect to create a sweet and subtle atmosphere. 

13. Traditional

country Bedroom by

Bonsoni Amble Two Tone 90cm (Single) Headboard

A headboard integrated into the frame of the bed can still be appropriate. 

14. Rich textiles

modern Bedroom by My-Studio Ltd
My-Studio Ltd

Victorian renovation—Master Bedroom suite

My-Studio Ltd

The soft grey fabric used for this headboard induces a luxurious feeling. 

15. Scandinavian

modern Bedroom by My Italian Living
My Italian Living

'Canova' wooden bed with headboard by Corazzin

My Italian Living

This wooden headboard and bedframe is inspired by the simple beauty of Scandinavian design. 

We hope that you could draw some inspiration from our list, and we encourage you to keep the bedroom energy going by taking a look at some: Spectacular bedroom wall ideas as well.

modern Houses by Casas inHAUS

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