Before and after: 5 bedrooms that underwent a legendary transformation

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There is one basic piece of furniture that is essential for a bedroom. It's of course, the bed!

Minimalist designs often apply to bedrooms. However, if you want a harmonious and stylish bedroom, you may need far more than just a mattress and the appropriate bedding. If you want to relax in your perfect little space, you need a few carefully selected pieces of furniture for your bedroom that are simply fabulous.

As proof of just how gorgeous a bedroom can we be, today at homify, we have put together five bedrooms that underwent amazing transformations. We will see how a bedroom is so much more than a bed as well as how some old-fashioned and even creepy bedrooms can be turned into the most stylish and sophisticated rooms!

1. Loveless sleeping room

Even for those couch surfers or travellers looking for a cheap place to sleep, this would not be a particularly inviting space. A mattress without bedding and just one lone ceiling light? Is this even a real bedroom?

The design of this space has been completely under-utilised, including the rustic sloping roof and the window that allows light and fresh air to flow in. Instead, it just feels like cold horror when you walk into this space.

2. After: A terrific country dream house

These designers have created an absolute modern country house that feels spacious, light and bright.

The two lamps next the bed bring a trendy brass touch to the space, while the window has now been completely utilised. Don't you love the blue tones?

The character of the room has been preserved, with subtle colours and patterns enhanced to bring character and charm to the room. The cushions bring in a delicate floral design, harmonising beautifully with the window frame.

1. Before: The old bedroom

The design of this bedroom is old-fashioned and very outdated. The brown curtains and brown carpets are very old-school and look like they belong in our grandparents' home! This space is in serious need of a modern touch!

The ceiling lamp also seems to be completely out of place. It feels like it could fall out of the ceiling at any stage.

This is a very sad sight!

Only the large window offers a bit of potential for this space, allowing natural light to flow through this space. This is the only positive element!

1. After: A modern bedroom pearl

What a great change!

The old-fashioned musty bedroom has become a wonderful pearl. Gone are the days when dark colours made the room look cramped and crowded. The light curtains allow natural light to flow into the room and fits in perfectly with the modern decor.

The delicate colours contrast with the elegant headboard, while the bed becomes the centre of the bedroom. The moment you step through the door, you want to curl up under the duvet!

All in all, this is a very successful redesign thanks to design professionals Better Home.

3. Before: Is this a kitchen or bedroom?

마이크로하우스 리모델링 OUA 오유에이
OUA 오유에이

마이크로하우스 리모델링

OUA 오유에이

The wall design is this bedroom reminds us of a bathroom, while the dark veneer makes this space feel like a kitchen.

But why is there a bed in the room?

After a second glance, you realise that this is not a bathroom or a kitchen. It's in fact the bedroom! Or is it the living room? It's so hard to tell.

Whatever this space is, there is no space division. Some urgent intervention is needed!

3. After: Multi-functional with great contrast

마이크로하우스 리모델링 OUA 오유에이 Modern kitchen
OUA 오유에이

마이크로하우스 리모델링

OUA 오유에이

The fact that even in the smallest space, there is room for spectacular change proves just how much potential exists when it comes to design and decor.

This image of the new room also reveals its true function: a bedroom combined with a study.

The sink has been removed as it was no longer needed.

The result is a multi-functional space with a very modern design that is simply unforgettable. There is a splendid contrast! The lavender brings life to the bedroom, adding a wonderful touch to the small area.

4. Before: A bedroom without a cupboard

There is something wrong with this bedroom. There is a non-existent design as well as a lack of a bedroom cupboard!

This makes the room appear very untidy, simply because all of the clothes and shoes are on display. While the bed could be a real highlight of this space, because of its antique value, it is not appreciated at all. 

What's worse is that the linen looks anything but inviting.

4. Afterwards: Extravagant like a hotel bedroom

Virginia Water Apartment - Surrey Bhavin Taylor Design Modern style bedroom
Bhavin Taylor Design

Virginia Water Apartment—Surrey

Bhavin Taylor Design

After the redesign, the bedrooms combines a variety of extravagant details that are simply ingenious.

The antique bed frame is now the well-deserved centre piece of the room. The designers have worked with the space available to them to create a space that is packed with life and character.

The wallpaper behind the headboard ads a beautiful touch to the space, enhancing the wooden bed frame. The cushions and ceiling lights add colour and style to the room, with a pleasant modern touch.

There is also a cupboard in this room now, which has been perfectly integrated into the space. If you rub your eyes you won't be able to tell if this is a hotel or a residential bedroom.

5. Before: Gloomy insight

This bedroom has something that many other bedrooms are missing: a great space on offer! Unfortunately it hasn't been maximised at all.

In fact, there are jackets, pillows and items littering this space while the furnishings themselves are bare. The entire space is anything but harmonious.

How are you meant to relax in this space after a long day?

5. Afterwards: Harmonious, bright and sharp

Gloucester Road Penthouse Bhavin Taylor Design Modern style bedroom
Bhavin Taylor Design

Gloucester Road Penthouse

Bhavin Taylor Design

Sometimes the changes in a space have to be quite radical in order to create residential paradise in a formerly inhospitable place. This is is a fine example.

Because this room received very little light, the designers completely enlarged the window. Now the room is filled with sunshine throughout the day, creating a much more pleasant environment.

The chaos has also disappeared. Everything now has its place. There is a really successful mix of modern elements that come together beautifully.

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