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30 photos of a fabulous house with ideas to copy

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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The home we visit today is no doubt fabulous, attractive and amazing. Its rustic design and Mediterranean inspired features makes it cosy and comfortable, while the spacious garden and outdoor area is great for entertaining. The villa has a relaxing environment, with plenty of textured materials adding to its appeal. The three floors boast unbelievable space for everything from socialising, catching up on a good night’s rest, TV time, cooking up a storm or just enjoying the good old sunshine and fresh air. The architects added a high wall to protect the home, and it has an enchanting and mystifying design, protecting the inhabitants from prying eyes and the curiosity of neighbours and passers-by, while ensuring their safety too. The tropical features, simple colour scheme and dramatic use of detail creates a home that is so fascinating, we cannot wait to explore it completely.

This home includes:

-At first glance we see a rather imposing façade with a glimpse of the towering three storey structure, a brilliant balcony offers a sensational view of the suburb. The wooden slabs of the roof add an attractive element that has a tropical feel, while the gorgeous greenery maintains a spectacular friendly effect, while the addition of polished wood in every corner of this home enhances that rustic character and charm.

-On entering the property we realise that the garage has been arranged in an excellent and meticulous manner. Maximising the space in an uncluttered way, with every item perfectly stored in a particular order. The punching bag and bicycles show that this homeowner enjoys keeping fit. Just above the garage is a balcony with a glass railing, and by incorporating some plants to this space, the décor is just beautiful and dramatic.

-Now the pergola of the house is simply stunning, adding a shaded space to relax and unwind in the company of guests and with stylish, comfortable seating, you may just never want to leave. The neutral colour décor and wooden detail along with the decorative greenery adds tranquillity to the space.

-Although this home has many luxurious details, the kitchen is a classic and traditional family friendly space with sophisticated appliances to make life a lot simpler. The flooring is decorated in chic rustic green tiles and works well with the minimalist white cabinets and exposed brick accent wall. The kitchen enjoys natural lighting, making it a cosy space, while simple storage ensures that it is clutter-free too. And with an informal seating area, this kitchen has everything that a modern family needs.

-The entrance of this home is definitely one of the most attractive areas on the property. From this perspective you can admire the spectacular arrangement of plants, a marine pond and even striking lighting, making this home even more welcoming as dusk settles in.

-The interior of the home shows off the beautiful polished wooden floor that complements the entire house. The main dining room may be rather modest when compared with the rest of this home, however the background paintings add that special touch of opulence. The woven chairs are a quirky choice, but it enhances the rustic atmosphere, while maintaining the functionality of the space.

-The TV room is light and elegant with simple décor, the flowery carpet adds a decorative element, while the library and shelves create a fundamental storage space in the house, offering comfort and functionality. The room is cosy and homey with a spacious comfortable sofa for originality, relaxation and catching up on your latest binge.

-The first floor bathroom has a simple sober design that is unique, the dark purple painted wall is quirky, while the marble adds a luxurious effect, and the stone shower enhances the textured feeling in this space too. The other bathroom with its red wallpaper walls is a bit more original, but just as practical and elegant.

-The master suite has a peaceful atmosphere, and its cream colour décor, light blue walls and simple lighting makes this bedroom warm and welcoming. The wooden flooring and sleek, glossy storage ensures that the space is uncluttered and tidy, while the large window will maintain fresh air and sunshine throughout the day.

-An outdoor kitchen is a must-have for a home that enjoys the luxury of a large pool and terrific terrace. Take the time to prepare a lovely braai at any time of the day, regardless of the season, and ensure that your home remains clean and tidy, by keeping the mess outside. The colourful mosaic tiles add a fantastic element of décor, while the wood and brick detail creates a charming, rustic space.

-The patio area of the home has a resort-like appeal, with an unbelievable tropical setting, attractive greenery, plenty of seating and a pleasant environment enhancing the charm. The palm trees, Jacuzzi and sun loungers are the perfect fit for this outdoor paradise, and going indoors might just seem like a chore.

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