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The small house with a big secret (your jaw will drop!)

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
緒方幸樹建築設計事務所 Living room
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You know what they say about property: location, location, location. And with space seemingly approaching the endangered species list just about everywhere, a perfect and spacious location is becoming more difficult to accomplish these days.

That is exactly what the architects of today’s homify 360° discovery faced, yet they didn’t let that stop them. They got into creative gear, turned that problem into a challenge, and succeeded admirably in constructing a house on a tiny site that not only looks and feels quiet spacious, but is also quite a looker – both inside and outside.

Let’s see the stunning end results.

A subtly soft impression

Even though wood has been used for the front façade, nobody can deny how soft that material looks – like you can almost squeeze it. 

In addition to a homely look, the timber also brings a warm charm to the scene, as well as an eye-catching display of pattern. 

And that humongous front door! We bet nobody can just walk by this house without doing a double take.

Spa-like interiors

As soon as you set foot inside this fantastic abode, you are met with a calming vibe and a vision of tranquillity – just like a spa. That is how superb the combination of the right materials can be, seeing as how wood, concrete, and stone manage to accomplish this fantastic look. 

Special mention also needs to go to the clever way in which natural light has been allowed to filter indoors, casting a warm glow onto the polished wood and perfectly lighting up the interior spaces.

Cleverly compact spaces

Here we see pure proof that vertical space can be just as important as horizontal legroom to create a spacious layout. High ceilings help to enhance the interiors’ visual spaciousness, with lots of clever touches complementing this feature, such as the open-riser staircase which allows us to see right through it, the abundance of glass panes, the soft neutral colour tones, etc. 

And just what exactly is that floor made of? The answer is cork, which ensures a delightful underfoot temperature regardless of the season.

A fabulous focal point

This staircase definitely takes the cake in terms of focal features. Not only is it functional, but it adds a striking touch to the interiors, thanks to the open-riser design providing a multitude of wooden planks which seemingly float to and fro.

Pristine views

The loft area definitely provides the best views in the house, gazing out tremendously over the elongated living room and kitchen below, which blend flawlessly together in their open-plan layout.   

It would almost be a shame to bring any furniture and décor pieces in here, which is sure to disturb the minimalist magic that these interiors are currently flaunting

A flood of natural light

We need to opt for an aerial view to see one of the house’s best features, as it is located outside: the roof and skylight, which not only ensure an abundance of natural light for the interiors, but contrast so effectively with the surrounding structures. 

This is a fantastic way of avoiding gloomy interiors while also ensuring adequate privacy – shun any windows in the front façade to keep those nosey neighbours at bay, and instead opt for a generous skylight. 

No need to resort to doom and gloom; see here how you can: Bathe your home in natural light!

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