17 beautiful homes with high, secure walls (you know why)

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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modern home with a sense of security, well let's be honest, that sounds great in South Africa. That being said, as much as we don't like discussing the increasing levels of crime and robbery, int he end it's best to be prepared. In this homify feature we look at 17 spectacular, yet intimidating homes with high, secure walls, necessary to keep you, your family and your belongings safe from the persistent element of criminality. Whether you live in a plush suburb, city space or even a relatively safe neighbourhood, taking care of your loved ones is the most important factor to consider.

1. The compound effect

By incorporating high walls around your property, you create a compound for your living space, garden and even garage. 

2. Something stone

Opt for the durability of stone, and protect your house in style.

3. Different

So, if the idea of being different appeals to you, then these futuristic walls are a dynamic choice.

4. Pathway

This pathway shows the separation between the house and the high perimeter wall.

5. Decorated with wood

The Door from the street Jenny Mills Architects Modern houses
Jenny Mills Architects

The Door from the street

Jenny Mills Architects

Your external wall doesn't need to be unattractive, this white wall with wood decor is an excellent option.

6. The grey wall surrounding this cube shaped home adds a neutral shade that works well with the wooden decor of the structure.

Front facade and entrance The Chase Architecture Modern houses
The Chase Architecture

Front facade and entrance

The Chase Architecture

7. This external wall looks like a fortress, especially with the addition of arched wooden doors.

8. The high walls of this home maintain a sense of privacy, keeping prying eyes out and allowing the interior to be a comfortable, free environment.

Barn House - Entrance Strey Architects Country style house Wood-Plastic Composite Grey
Strey Architects

Barn House—Entrance

Strey Architects

9. A rustic dream

The gorgeous home featured here may have a rustic identity, but the high walls definitely enhance security.

10. Stone and wood

This dramatic and aesthetically appealing grey stone and wood wall acts as a shield for the home exterior, the architects had the safety of the family in mind.

11. Terracotta creativity

Just because your home is old and decorated in a classic style, doesn't mean it cannot be safe, and with this terrific shade of terracotta, it may be eye-catching too.

12. The textured stone, wooden pergola and elegant greenery brings a Mediterranean inspired decor to this modern home.

13. The perimeter wall of this minimalist home has some gorgeous greenery for a friendly effect.

14. The external wall is designed in a very similar fashion to the contemporary home design, while optimising the security of the structure too.

15. The darker hue of the high exterior wall adds a contrasting effect when compared with the white walls of the home.

16. Pretty pool and garden

Although you feel that security is of utmost importance in home design, consider creating an enchanting garden or outdoor lounge area between the perimeter wall and the house.

17. The one with a strong character

The security wall of this home hides the architecture of the house almost completely. Now that's a great way to keep the potential threats at bay. How about these: 8 cool garages that were very easy to build?

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