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A Monochrome Masterstroke Home

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
Remy Arquitectos Pool
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In our tour today we head about 50 kilometres outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina to the Grand Bell Country Club. This contemporary monochromatic home meets the requirements and demands of a young modern family, while enjoying the classic family friendly home environment of wide open spaces and a safe, comfortable living environment and atmosphere. The home is welcoming, has a fun design energy and is the architectural masterpiece of the team at Remy Arquitecto.

This home is easy on the eye and is truly a design inspiration, using a neutral palette and tone with stylish design detail, making for an interesting home for both visitors and inhabitants alike. Who wouldn't want to create a family home here?

Modern and monochrome

The monochrome effect of this magnificently simple home is clearly defined here: the bottom half of the exterior is completely black, while the top half is completely white. The cubic structures utilised in the design of this home creates the perfect opportunity for these colours to be used together. It seems like a work of art!

The master bedroom of this modern home is wonderfully nestled upstairs but for privacy's sake, and a view of the garden, it was built at the back of the upstairs area, while the upstairs section at the front of the home is where the other bedrooms were built.

The driveway and living areas at the bottom section of this home give a contrasting effect between each other. The garage and entry way are painted matte black and, while this is a tasteful approach to home design, the living area allows for complete transparency to be enjoyed. It even allows for a glimpse of the swimming pool. Talk about two-faced!

Open living space

This living room area enjoys complete transparency with the outdoors, allowing for the bright, spacious atmosphere to be wholly appreciated. This room is minimalism at its best with an uncluttered look from all angles, even the view of the landscape remains and greenery still visible. 

The neutral use of colour indoors is somewhat different to the monochromatic exterior. The grey palette softens the two-toned colours utilised, while the inclusion of the wooden floors creates an inviting atmosphere. The use of a long bench adds to the modern appeal of this home, allowing ample seating for entertaining.

The creation of a small mezzanine level for the playroom, above the living room area, is fun and means the children will be close by and remain in earshot while the adults  enjoy each other's company. And with views of the turquoise swimming pool from all angles, anyone can enjoy the serenity of its sight.

Interior garden

This is a wonderful idea! The interlinking interior glass cubes are certainly different and allow for the beautiful greenery to be visible within the home. The large interior vegetation spot is a modern take on the pot plant, making it a focal point in the home and not just a space filler. 

The addition of the strategic skylights allow for natural light to flow into this home steadily from above. It creates a bright and welcoming feeling, bringing in an element of nature, which continues with the wooden floor that adds warmth.

Garden views

From a closer view of this interior garden it is evident that it has been fully incorporated into the functional yet practical design. It creates a calm yet homely ambience, filled with natural charm and comfortable air. It's something different to what is seen in a normal modern home and shows off an appreciation of nature. The incorporation of the white pebbles on the bottom of the feature is a nice touch,  subtly reflecting the overall aesthetic of the home.

Exterior view

This angle shows us the living room space again but now focusing on the exterior view. The high ceilings of the room keep this space breezy and cool, while the large glass windows and sliding doors allow for natural light to remain consistent throughout the day. At night the home will enjoy a gentle breeze and a view of the stars. 

The wooden floors keep the use of natural and neutral elements consistent, making the living room warm and inviting, while maintaining its functionality and stylish design. The low lights from the ceiling add a touch of intimate ambience. The exterior view shows off the serenity of the cool, blue swimming pool—a place for the parents to enjoy a good book while keeping an eye on the children.

Glorious pool

The terrace and backyard area of this home leave nothing to be desired! They are truly the focal point of this glorious home. The outdoor living area is perfect for a pool party, and the patio requires little maintenance and is the perfect place to enjoy the sun.

The transparency of this home allows views straight through to the front lawn, just in case any surprise visitors drop by. This element underlines the home's complete design, from corner to corner.

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