minimalistic Living room by arQing

20 pictures of modern living rooms for you to copy

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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Decorating your living room doesn’t need to be a hard task, you might need to consider some fun and quirky ideas to represent your personality or if you’re a bit more introverted, then you cannot go wrong with simple and neutral décor and accessories. In this Ideabook, we have 20 amazing and modern living room tips and tricks to keep your interior looking fresh and creative. So whether it’s colour, furniture, lighting and the essentials, there is a perfect combination of features to suit your home.

1. Texture and colour

minimalistic Living room by arQing



The living room should have a balanced décor of colour and texture. Consider some stone, wood or concrete for a gorgeous effect, and perhaps a vibrant pastel palette while you’re at it.

2. Lighting is essential. Maximise natural light and complement the space with the addition of spotlights and lamps

3. Be daring with a mixture of styles

Combine a variety of decorative elements for a lovely modern living room. Carefully think about the choice of table, and whether it would look best with a classic or vintage carpet.

4. Paint smaller rooms white, this will enhance the illumination and space

5. Manage the space and layout

The living room has a variety of furniture and furnishings that add to the décor, plan your layout perfectly to ensure that all sofa, tables and lamps add value to the room, without looking cluttered.

6. Feature some elegant artwork to show off your love for creativity and colour

modern Living room by Ofis Design
Ofis Design

Oficinas Corporativas—Home Office

Ofis Design

7. Enhance natural appeal with some wooden detail

Wood is well-known as being a noble element of décor, it also enhances the warmth and welcoming atmosphere of a home and can be combined with virtually any style for a nature loving and rustic effect.

8. Use lighting creatively to enhance certain spaces of your living room, whether it be artificial lights along the stairs or some brilliant natural sunshine that bathes the room throughout the day

modern Living room by studiodonizelli

Casa Shimano—living room


9. Incorporate textiles

Incorporating textiles into the living room doesn’t need to a difficult affair, add some scatter cushions in a variety of fabrics, sizes and patterns and your sofa will be instantly more relaxing.

10. Use colour wisely, opt for neutrals and a soft palette for guaranteed comfort

11. Family seating

When friends and family are over for a meal, it often starts with polite conversation. So interior designers recommend that should be planned in order to make conversing and socialising a lot easier and more comfortable.

12. Opt for decorative accessories in wood, ceramics, marble or even a combination of the textures and materials

13. The smallest details make the most difference

eclectic Living room by LUXOREMA



Be creative with accessories for a unique living room styled filled with an original character.

14. If the room is compact in size, take advantage of natural light to enhance the look of space, and use colourful accessories sparingly.

eclectic Living room by Erika Winters® Design
Erika Winters® Design

Choapan Decor by Erika Winters®Design

Erika Winters® Design

15. Add plants for decoration

modern Living room by Spazio3Design

Últimos trabajos


Greenery, flowers and plants are an awesome way to add a natural touch to the living room. It’s friendly and welcoming, but look for indoor plants that are slow-growing and will add some fresh air to the environment too.

16. Make your walls original with some vibrant colour and patterns

modern Living room by KAUS

17. Vivid and passionate

eclectic Living room by Sandra Molina
Sandra Molina

Sala Departamento Gusi

Sandra Molina

If you’re a bit daring, then a vibrant shade of red may be just the personality enhancing choice for your décor.

18. Combined vibrant colour

Pair brighter colours with some softer shades for a balanced and chic contrast.

19. Elegance is easy with comfy carpet, textiles and prints

modern Living room by FLAM RUGS



20. Modern fireplace

modern Living room by Prototipo Arquitectos
Prototipo Arquitectos

Sala Casa 57 Casa Fuerte

Prototipo Arquitectos

A meeting place around the fire is all sorts of comforting, add a fantastic fireplace to make your home a lot more warm and cosy. Now that your living room is enviable, how about: 13 ideas that will make a small house look modern (and stylish)?

How have you modernised your living room?
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