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A Fantastically Modernised Farmhouse

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Mario Caetano e Eliane Pinheiro Living room
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This charming and modern adapted farmhouse has style elegance and country life written all over it. With all the modern amenities necessary for every day, it still remains rustic, attractive, warm and inviting. The generous use of space means the structure was extremely well considered. The exterior exudes old world appeal, while the interior is everything that a contemporary home should be:  functional and practical, while allowing for relaxation and communing with nature, enjoying the great outdoors and fresh air.

This home is set in idyllic Santo Antonio de Leite, Minas Gerais in Brazil and enjoys a stunning setting, green landscape and welcoming, calm environment. The rustic look of the home is relaxing and beautiful to admire and enjoy. This home was designed by architectural expert Mario Caetano E Eliane Pinheiro.

Magnificent exterior

The main façade of this architectural structure makes use of three different yet functional interconnected buildings, each with an arrangement which suits its function. Even though these three buildings are different from each other, they each have a remarkable design and structure that emanates from them. 

The synergy in the building design is evident from all angles, keeping with the farmhouse look and feel of stone and old wood as structural components and material. The middle building connects the two other buildings to each other in an atrium type of effect and has a slightly different look. It makes use of a flat concrete roof and large tempered glass windows. 

The last building has the most original rustic look, making use of bold materials and strong textures, remarkable geometry and simple design, the elegance and charm of this country home is extending to all aspects, thereby allowing it to tick all the boxes of beauty.

Stunning living room

The lovely living room exudes warmth, comfort and country lifestyle and is situated in the old part of the house, where the original stone and wood structure is visible. The old fashioned style of this structure allows for the merging of the living room and the new more sophisticated building in both design and entry way. 

However, the existing stone walls and exposed timber frame further accentuate the structural integrity of the building and its components, making it even more perfect in all aspects of quality, comfort, taste and elegance. The barn like effect of the room adds a rustic element while remaining appealing. 

The use of neutral tones in this area of the home carries that warmth through, creating a relaxing atmosphere. The rustic furniture incorporated into the design further accentuates this country living lifestyle, and through the generous use of space the room seems like the perfect place to unwind in luxury.

Dining room décor

This solid wooden round table design and décor matches this divine dining room perfectly! The neutral colours used in the room create an old fashion elegant yet homely atmosphere, which will make dining here and entertaining some twelve guests comfortably, an absolute pleasure! The seats look comfortable, while the room looks intriguing.

The dimly lit ambience is perfect for intimate dinners for two or even a close knit family theme party, with enough bygone era charm to inspire any outfit to match the interior atmosphere beautifully, gracefully and with some stylish panache. 

The steady flow of natural light during the day would even allow this venue to be excellent for a breakfast or brunch get together, even a fabulous lunch will be perfectly placed in this stunning décor, simple light setting and overall welcoming dining room. Who wouldn't want to organise an elegant event here?!

Guest bedroom

The modern farmhouse look and feel is perfectly translated through to the bedrooms here with the wooden aspects taken in from the exterior and included to the interior for an awesome result! The elements here have been incorporated in the door, the floors and even the old fashioned cabinet, all working so well together.

The neutral use of colour and exposed wood design have allowed this bedroom to maintain that atmosphere of charm and relaxation. Its old fashion decor will be an absolute pleasure to wake up to in the morning and enjoy, while the devil is in the details of the door handle, which provides that modern touch and appeal. 

The use of teal as the focal colour here, blends well with the wooden elements in the bedroom, while the same teal palette was introduced onto the classic and romantic all white bed linen with a simple bed throw. Elegance and luxury in a simple bedroom. The overall warm lighting exudes from the room, making it cosy and inviting.

Guest bathroom

This guest bathroom has so much rustic energy and detail, it makes for the perfect addition to this country style living example, the inclusion of the teal tone here makes this bathroom have an almost marine like atmosphere, but set in the country… talk about fusion of two worlds!

While the wooden aspect was included here too in the shower area, it shows the translation through to the bathroom area as well. The open plan type shower is contemporary in its approach and idea, but works well with the vibe which the bathroom includes from the rest of the home.

Again we see the attention to modern detail included here with the heated towel rail at hand, so towels remain warm and dry at any given time. While the minimalist glass of the shower door doesn't detract from the other aspects of the bathroom, yet the country style window with the low curtain ensures privacy, but with farm style charm!

Main bathroom

This main bathroom includes so many wooden and elemental features, but the simplicity remains a draw card. The red mosaic tiles to introduce the palette and tones was included perfectly, it represents a royal and regal idea which is evident in the luxurious atmosphere seen here. The wooden element is even included in the bathroom floor.

The double sinks included here have a complete rustic feel about them, neutral in tone and something completely different to what would be found in a modern home. The solid wood counter tops and wooden floors maintain that country charm appeal, with storage space allocated beneath too. 

The mirrors on either side of the bathroom sinks conceal perfectly constructed shelves, perfect for medical supplies, toiletries or similar items. Making the bathroom uncluttered and seemingly clean and clear. Included in the bathroom wall are two plug sockets, this would allow for a comfortable shaving area in front of a mirror or a spot for a blow dryer to be used too.

Terrace view

This view from the terrace allows for all angles of this home to be taken in fully and appreciated in all aspects. The home is organised in an L-shape with an inner courtyard that makes views of the interior and living spaces possible from one area. 

The original stone and exposed wooden parts of the old building can be admired in full view, while enjoying the cool, serene atmosphere, surrounded by the greenery in the garden. The environment in a home such as this is equally as important as the interior décor and the family friendly experience of the countryside. 

So, while social interactions can take place really anywhere in this home, the best social activities happen at the swimming pool or while lounging on the deck, taking in the clean, fresh air that is expected in a farm home. Standing the test of time, this house is more than just stylish, it is a home!

Have you ever seen a nicer modernised farmhouse than this? Let us know in the comments, below.

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