11 easy ways to make your kitchen more beautiful—in just one day!

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So you're looking for ways to spruce up your kitchen. The kitchen revamp ideas that we consider today are quick and easy, allowing you to get your old kitchen looking great again, but with some style and elegance that won't be insanely expensive, especially when you're strapped for cash. The idea of a simple makeover is to give your kitchen a fresh look, which is great when there's an eye sore of stripped paint or broken tiles that you cannot wait to get rid of. These 11 kitchen beautifying ideas are sure to get your creativity flowing and the interior designers have included some amazing tips to add chic character to your cooking space!

1. Beautiful material and colour choices

The best way to make any room, including a kitchen, look stunning is to go for a good colour and material scheme, as evidenced here. The natural wood of the cabinets and kitchen island structure contrast beautifully with the white and blue tiled floor. The white brick wall splashback adds another element that serves to complete the theme. What's even more beautiful about this space is the huge window/door opening onto the outside space, creating a sense of unity. 

Something you can easily do in one day: add a blackboard!

2. Illumination

Lovely lighting and brilliant illumination could be the answer to solving your decor woes, whether it's natural sunshine or some innovative artificial lights, your kitchen will look so much more warm and cosy.

3. Dress the windows

Just because it's the kitchen, doesn't mean your windows shouldn't look awesome, opt for some cute blinds to keep the space cool during the midday sun, and avoid prying eyes from your neighbours too.

4. Layout

If your kitchen is part of a small open plan living set up, then the planning and layout is essential for it to look uncluttered and tidy.

5. Organised storage

Surrey kitchen Lewis Alderson KitchenCabinets & shelves
Lewis Alderson

Surrey kitchen

Lewis Alderson

Keeping an organised kitchen is a great way to maintain order and balance. An audit of the items stored neatly in your grocery cupboard or pantry is a good start.

6. Some storage

50.2cm pull-out organiser simplehuman KitchenStorage

50.2cm pull-out organiser


You may want to rethink how you store your appliances, pot and pans and go for this nifty cupboard with pull out baskets and your counters will always be free from clutter.

7. Countertops

This may prove to be a more costly revamp idea, but replacing old, tattered and out of date countertops for a sleeker option is the perfect problem solving plan for your kitchen.

8. Shelving

Utilising all the space available is a brilliant way to get your kitchen looking neater, so think of some open shelves and keep your counters clean and clear.

9. Hanging storage

Mediterranean Style Rencraft Kitchen Wood Blue

Mediterranean Style


If you like the appeal of a rustic inspired kitchen, then you can get the look easily without spending too much time on the extras, simply add some hanging storage for your pots, pans and utensils, and you'll free up some cabinets too.

10. Blackboard

Blackboard paint is all the rage! Not only will it make your kitchen look like a gourmet dream, but you will be able to keep track of your grocery list, the recipe you're working on or even the school meeting calendar. Never forget the important things again.

11. Motto for inspiration

Sometimes all you need to start your day are words of inspiration. And this motto vinyl sticker is an easy to apply option to add some personal charm to your kitchen walls. For the outdoor cooking ideas, have a look at these: 28 photos of rustic and affordable braais.

How would you freshen up the look of your kitchen?

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