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A traditional house of 130m² for R890,000 + plans included

Leigh Leigh
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Design professionals ARCHON + PROJEKTY DOMOW designed this sophisticated Polish home that any South African will fall in love with. 

Packed to the brim with beauty and carefully designed architecture and interior decor, this is the perfect example of a modern home with a very European twist.

Today we will explore this home right from the planning stages!

The front facade

At the front of the house, we can see a front door, garage door and a beautiful corner kitchen. The different materials work together to create a beautiful look and feel.

Modern design with three bedrooms

The total size of the house is 150 square metres, which features three bedrooms, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a pantry and a laundry room. There is also a garage and a gorgeous little garden.

The house rests on a cement foundation while a gable roof gives the design a more traditional look and feel. The roof is made from reinforced concrete while the smooth plastered facade contrasts with the textures and tones.

The finished product is modern and magical!

Kitchen with an island

This stylish kitchen with an island has an angular window, connecting the interior of the home to the outdoor spaces. There is also a gorgeous kitchen island and breakfast bar, which makes the most of this 11 square metre space.

Dining corner

The corner dining room boasts the most advanced glazing on the windows and the doors, which gives the home access to the terrace.

This area is about 10 square metres in size.

Living room

This stylish living room can be accessed from the dining room and is slightly separate from the rest of the home, creating a more private place. 

It features a fireplaces, a sofa and walls with decorative wooden paneling. It's a very comfortable 22 square metres.


The guest toilet on the ground floor features a shower as well as stylish glazing on the narrow window.

There is also a very interesting combination of tile and wooden paneling.

The nursery

The two children in the house share a dressing room and a bathroom on the second floor of the home.

As we can see in this image, the rooms are light and bright.

Master bedroom

The master bedroom is for parents who have don't need as much space as the children. However, this room features a more spacious walk-in closet with male and female zones.

In the style of the master suite

The furniture in the master bedroom takes on a very grand and luxurious style typical of a master suite. The dresser fits smoothly into the wall while there is a gorgeous flat screen television the wall.


On the second floor, we come across the main bathroom. This 10 square metres of space features a shower, tub and double sink. A laundry is located in an adjacent room.

The first floor

On the first floor, we can see how an elegant terrace spreads over 60 square metres, catching the eye! There is access to this space from the dining room and the kitchen.

The kitchen and dining rooms flow into one another, with plenty of space to entertain six people. Nearby is the living room with a corner sofa and fireplace.

On the ground floor there is also a garage, boiler room and guest toilet with a shower and a hallway. 

The living room and dining room is 32 square metres while the kitchen is 11 square metres. The hallway is 6 square metres. 

The layout of the second floor

On the second floor, we come across three bedrooms, which are made up of 13.5, 14 and 17 square metres. The size is dependent on the slope of the roof.

There is also a bathroom area of 10 square metres, a laundry area of 7 square metres and two walk-in closets, which are each 7 square metres in size.

The layout of the second floor is very compact and convenient. Where the roof does not slope, there is a dressing area and laundry dryer.

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