Decorating your house. Don't make these 7 mistakes!

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Menora Residence, Moda Interiors Moda Interiors Modern style bedroom
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Space could very well be considered an endangered species these days. With overpopulation being a hard fact and everybody flocking to the cities to try and earn a living, it is no wonder that we had to come up with cute and clever ways to squeeze in more space into our homes/flats. 

Even though you may have all the required shelves and cupboards at your disposal, there are still certain design mistakes that can make your house seem visually cluttered – and smaller. Not a good thing, right? 

So, to help you achieve the best-looking house possible (one that seems open and inviting), we’ve gathered some serious errors that, through no fault of our own, most of us are guilty of – not all of us are trained to be professional interior designers, after all.

So, scroll down and see what not to do in your home…

1. Don’t let every single thing match

Menora Residence Moda Interiors Modern style bedroom
Moda Interiors

Menora Residence

Moda Interiors

Letting your sofas, carpets, wallpaper, etc. all match up will cause everything to melt together, which also makes that room seem smaller than it actually is. Variety is the spice of life; thus, add some interest and diversity by mixing up the styles for the pillows, rugs, wallpaper, etc.

2. Don’t crowd your walls

Pushing your furniture pieces against the walls will devour those edges and shrink your space in a jiffy. Rather arrange them away from the walls and allow the walls a bit of breathing space.

3. Don’t forget about lighter colours

A small room needs all the help it can get, and even though we can’t deny the allure of dark paint and wallpaper, it can swallow the whole room up. 

If you really can’t live without those dark tones on your wall, bring in some contrast via lighter-coloured furniture and accessories, which will open up the space.

4. Don’t overdo it in the décor department

Dining Room homify Modern dining room

Dining Room


Your collection of snow globes; those vintage book collections… they may look pretty, but too much can make your room seem cluttered.

Instead of displaying all your favourite things at once, mix it up. Create seasonal displays of your keepsakes and change them regularly to keep it interesting. And feel free to put some elements in storage or give them away.

5. Don’t hang those too-short curtains

Curtains that are too short will drag the ceiling down, shrinking the whole room. Rather treat your windows to floor-to-ceiling curtains to make the room feel bigger. 

homify hint: If full-length curtains aren’t your style, then rather place your curtain rail as close to the ceiling as possible and cut the curtains off at the windowsill. This will create the illusion of a higher ceiling.

6. Don’t stuff your room with furniture

Packing too many sofas, tables, and goodness-knows-what-else into a room will definitely make it seem smaller. Space for walking and movement is quite essential!

We suggest that you relocate those extra furniture pieces to other rooms in your home. For example, move the extra side tables in the living room to the guest bedroom or study

And never put furniture in front of windows. The incoming light and view do a lot in visually sizing up a room.

7. Never be satisfied with bad lighting

It almost never happens that a single light source is enough for a room. Layered lighting is the answer here, such as three lighting sources (an overhead ceiling light, a floor lamp, and one table lamp, for instance). The additional light will easily bounce off the walls and glow up those dark corners. 

Remember that a mirror also helps with spreading the light around. 

No reason to be left in the dark, as we have: Lighting ideas to brighten every room.

What other design mistakes can shrink a room? Tell us all in our comments space below...

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