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A Morningside apartment that will make you want to move to Johannesburg

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Architecture is an important part of our interests here at homify, and we love looking at various buildings and structures to inspect the art in their design. An area of interest which takes just as much prominence for us, however, is interior design and decoration. The filling of beautiful houses is just as important as it's construction, and we can surely say that this part is what actually makes a house a home. 

Therefore, we are pleased to present to you a project today which is focused on the interior of a home, and explores the artfulness of it's design in depth. This particular home is an apartment in Morningside, South Africa, so it is even more relevant to us, providing us with the additional opportunity to exhibit some local talent. Let's jump right in and get going with this tour, as we are sure you'd like to see what all the fuss is about!

Cool sophistication

We chose this image as frontrunner for this ideabook, as it creates exactly the right first impression to characterise this apartment—cool and sophisticated. The neutral backgroup is complemented by a cool and calm colour scheme comprised of natural tones, beiges, and pastel blues. This has a very calming effect and creates a serene atmosphere. 

Another feature of this space that is immediately apparent and noteworthy, is the use of textures in the room. At the back, we can see a stylish stone wall comprised of thin stone slabs upon each other, creating an intricate and in-depth texture effect. In addition, the textiles and decorative objects in the space are also highly texturised, ensure layers of depth is added to a rather small room.

Divine dining

Next up, we have the dining room area of the apartment, situated just behind the living room suite we saw in the previous image. As we can see, there is no blue colour thread in this area, but an overarching soft and neutrally-coloured theme. There is definitely a strong emphasis on the use of natural elements in this room, from the stone wall and the prominence of wooden furniture all the way to the addition of an elegant potted plant. 

Glass also plays and important part in this composition, as can be seen in the three large and stylish mirrors mounted on the wall to reflect light and add a sense of elegance. We can also see a glass chandelier hanging above the dining table, creating an image of luxury.


In this image we can see the opposite end of the living room we had seen at first. This side of the space is clearly quite toned down from the more formal side, and allows for a more relaxing atmosphere. A huge, L-shaped sofa ensures plenty of comfortable seating or reclining space, whilst throw pillows add layers of colour to this neutral backdrop. The sheer teal curtains soften the aesthetic, whilst the black-and-white photo composite mounted on the wall gives a personal touch.

Regal bedroom

Here we have the master bedroom of the apartment, which is sure to make most rile in jealousy. A first look reveals absolute luxury and indulgence in the entire design. In addition, this bedroom opens up to a tranquil garden via large French doors, ensuring a direct contact with nature for the inhabitants. 

The textiles used in this bedroom are undeniably opulent. The rich, velvety bed base resonates with the top cover, while the neutrally coloured bed linen and pillows round off the look. This composition is then completed with a huge, quilted headboard, giving the room a regal quality.

Relaxation corner

Lastly, we take you to a little corner of the house that provides another spot for relaxation. It seems like this home have many such areas! Here, however, we think it prudent to take a look at some finer design details. 

This daybed is at first very functional for an apartment, as it functions as a couch, but can be easily converted to a bed for guest who may stay overnight. It is simple and neutral, while the pillows adorning it provides a pop of colour in an elegant floral design. To the bed's side, we can see a Scandinavian style chest of drawers in that familiar pastel blue we have seen throughout the home. This is a charming relaxation corner indeed!

The interior of this apartment sure has us in a calm mood, we hope it has done the same for you!

Let us know what you thought of this project in the comments.

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