15 ideas to light up the exterior of your home (that look great!)

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Illumination is an important aspect of architectural design in the modern home. Planning needs to be perfect when decorating the interior and exterior, taking into consideration all factors that may hinder the lighting. Whether it’s natural sunshine, or lovely artificial lighting adding ambiance and romance to your home exterior, brilliant illumination is one way to ensure that our guests always feel welcomed by the friendly atmosphere of our home exterior. These 15 inspirational exterior lighting ideas will ensure that your guests always feel comfortable as they enter your home.

1. Cosy effect

How amazing does this choice of lighting look, especially when combined with a cosy outdoor fireplace, which doubles up as a barbecue?

2. Spectacular wall lights

By incorporating some stylish lights to the walls of your home, you instantly revive the personality of your home exterior. Architects and designers love to plan the choice of lighting for an intimate ambiance.

3. Special atmosphere

Lighting is a great way to create a special atmosphere, your home doesn’t have to be boring and uninspired.

4. Beauty enhancing

It’s amazing how a little revamp in lighting can make your garden and home look a lot more attractive and dramatic, and a lot less boring and unimaginative. Add some colourful lighting for that funky vibe too.

5. Highlighting the details

The lighting choice in this image is simple, but has an astounding effect on the materials and textures included in this terrace area. The stone walls creates a rustic setting, while the pool and deck is so inviting.

6. Originality

The round lamps create a fun and unique environment to this outdoor zone of the home. It’s an informal design that is accentuated by the informal pergola and dining area… almost like having a private picnic spot in your backyard.

7. Vibrant detail

Chelsea Creek - copyright St George Plc Aralia Modern Garden Iron/Steel Grey roof terrace,rooftop garden,roof garden,garden design,landscape architecture,landscape architect,landscape design,garden designer,architecture

Chelsea Creek—copyright St George Plc


You can also use brilliant and colourful lights to highlight the spaces around your home. This terrace sees illumination included on the floor and plants for a charming look.

8. Inviting entrance

The entrance to the home is one of those spaces that always needs perfect illumination to look great. How about these LED floor lights along the wall, it’s great for brightening up the area, but has a safety factor too.

9. Lighting your stairs

Adequate lighting around a dark staircase is important to avoid accidents. So why not make your lighting fantastic too with recessed lights in the side walls?

10. Hidden lights

Contemporary Garden Design Balham homify Modern Garden

Contemporary Garden Design Balham


Recessed lighting such as these can be hidden at the bottom of the walls and is exceptional to enhance the ambiance of an outdoor area. It’s decorative, but also adds value to the illumination of the area.

11. Diverse

Combining recessed lights and wall lamps are great for both direct and indirect lighting, the environment will be instantly safer and more elegant too.

12. Facade lighting

The effect of lighting on the façade of a home should enhance the safety of the environment, especially those corners close to the door. This image perfectly displays how lighting can make a home look fabulous when planned and placed in the correct manner.

13. Cosy effect

Lining the walkway of the home with recessed floor lights such as these will illuminate your garden and path.

13. A well-lit front door

The front door of a home should always be brilliantly lit. This is to enhance the visibility of the keys as you open your door, but also as a security aspect. Add the lights to the ceiling for the best effect.

14. Pool zone

We have come to the end of this Ideabook, but we need to pay special attention to the lighting of the pool area too. This includes the terrace itself, garden and also outdoor living space. Illumination will make the space usable at any time of day or night, so plan your lighting accurately. Now that the lighting of your home is perfect, you may want to consider these: 12 spectacular and affordable ideas for the walls in your home.

How did you illuminate your home exterior?

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