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The super 7 wooden houses

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Here on homify, we can’t deny the exceptional power of wooden surfaces, especially when it makes up an entire façade of a building. There is something about seeing an entire house decked out in wood or timber that forces one to do a double take, don’t you agree?

To celebrate this fantastic raw material and its ability to fit into just about any style or design imaginable (it is equally comfortable in a rustic cottage and high-class modern mansion), we thought it appropriate to take a look at a few examples of how diverse wood can be.

So, let’s see 7 very different houses that flaunt very different looks, and yet have one special element in common: the wooden materials adorning their surfaces.

1. A much more modern façade

This house may be using timber panels for its façade similar to our previous example, but it is like comparing night and day. This house, for example, flaunts a much more contemporary look. Just notice how the windows and roof differ from our first house. 

Don’t you think the surrounding bushes and shrubs of the garden contrast so beautifully with that deep, dark red of the façade? 

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2. A country-style cabin

What a splendid little abode to kick off our list – this charmer will look equally fitting in a suburban neighbourhood and lush forest. And look: there is even a charming porch big enough for a few chairs and/or couches so we can enjoy the fresh air in style.

3. Cubist and contemporary

Sam's Creek homify Modern houses

Sam's Creek


Just like wood can conjure up a country or rustic setting, so can it present a most contemporary look – if styled differently and combined with the correct materials, of course. 

Notice our third example above, which plays all the right tricks when it comes to flaunting the contemporary style: flat roof, lots of glass, cube designs, neutral tones, etc.

4. Minimalist style

Now this is a real dream come true for those of us who wished that tree houses could be a real thing when growing up. This exquisite design takes tree-house living to an adult level, with the structure rising up into the sky and then vanishing into the tree’s bark and leaves, becoming one with nature.

5. A look at the tree house’s inside

The tree house’s interiors couldn’t be simpler: off-white tones that adorn the floor-to-ceiling surfaces, with all areas as clean and pristine as can be – not even so much as a portrait was brought in, and yet we can’t help but fall in love with this ultra minimalist design.

Bet you didn’t think you’d ever witness a tree house looking like this as a child!

6. The cottage-style residence

It would seem that the adjoining houses here are also made from wooden panels; however, this barn-style structure is taller. And let’s not overlook that hot red that makes it stand out so strikingly. 

No overly embellished surfaces were included, and yet there is so much detail in the façade thanks to the timber panels and wooden shutters. What a vision in red!

7. Tranquil and rustic

Our next example takes us to a house’s interior setting, where the wooden ceiling and beams are definitely the main stars of the design show – which is exactly why it is so sparsely furnished and coloured.

8. A modern vision

We close off our list with a beautifully modern house that definitely would not have been the same had it not been for those timber surfaces. See what beautiful detail they add to the façade, with both horizontal- and vertical panels contrasting with each other. 

And as if the striking style and spacious porch wasn’t enough, a sublime swimming pool was thrown into the mix – what a place to call ‘home’! 

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Which of these houses is your personal favourite? Let us know in our comments space, below.

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