10 perfect braais for this weekends BBQ

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Spring has finally sprung, and South Africa is once again basking in the sunny hotness that we are so renowned for. But another thing that our country is also known for is our love for outdoor entertaining, particularly lighting up a fire and sizzling up some mouth-watering cuisine with friends and family—yes, the ever-popular braai is a thing that a lot of South Africans hold dear to their hearts, so to celebrate that and the fact that summer is around the corner, we thought it would be most appropriate to tease you with 10 of the most stunning braais here on homify.

See what styles look hot to you and feel free to copy some design tips for your own outdoor entertainment area back home. Enjoy!

1. Sleek and chic

Just because you’re preparing food and eating outside, doesn’t mean your space can’t be as cutting-edge as you want it to be. This braai area has been decked out in neutral tones and tranquil tiles to give it a sophisticated and modern look. How very elegant!

2. Some country inspiration

If you love the country style, then this braai area will definitely light your fire… This outdoor space is so much more than a mere place to roast a steak; it is an entire outdoor kitchen that is decked out in beautiful brick, magnificent marble, and light touches of timber for an exquisite look that will definitely ensure your house is the place to be.

3. An outdoor fireplace

We know that the fire is more than just about roasting up the food; it’s also about the vibe. So then, how about an outdoor braai that can double up as a fireplace when all you want to do is have a relaxing sit-down with friends and family and enjoy those crackling flames? 

Armed with a wire frame and grey stones, this fireplace / braai spot is most definitely a social hot spot. 

How would this look in your back yard?

4. Perfect for the outdoor chef

Weather conditions need to be taken into account when outdoor cooking is on your agenda. Thankfully, this braai area has what it takes: durable conditions, shelter, and a strong communication link between the exterior areas and indoors. 

And how perfect is this little model, as it provides ample space for cooking utensils, plus dining areas?

5. The outdoor ceiling

You wouldn’t know that this braai / dining area is protected by a ceiling / overhang until you spot the ceiling fan dangling high above the dining table. The high roof protects this social area from a lot of the elements, yet still allows ample amounts of natural light and fresh air. 

And what would a weekend backyard braai be without a stylish spot for cooling off?

6. Rustic meets modern

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Outdoor Cooler


To enjoy a perfect fire and braai event, you need to be clever with your ventilation. Take a tip from this space, which flaunts a most modern hood of stainless steel for those insane amounts of smoke. 

This simple outdoor braai space is encased in brick, which closes in around the roast whilst retaining heat. And check out the stainless steel doors below, contrasting with the rustic brick and announcing ample storage space for all those braai necessities.

7. A curvy design

Who says your braai area can’t be charming and playful? This design above proves to be most striking and delightful with its soft curves and neutral tones. And the delicate touches of raw brick, stone and cement prove to be a most economical and practical solution for those outdoor cooking events.

8. Blurring the lines

Not enough space on your terrace/patio to install a braai area? Another option would be to open up your kitchen to the outdoor space, like this one above managed to do. The sliding glass doors beautifully blur the space between in- and outdoors, allowing us to feel like we’re cooking and roasting underneath an open sky. 

Just be clever with your ventilation, like the extractor fan and hood seen here.

9. Supremely clean

Dust and dirt are most unwelcome in any space, but even more so where we cook and work with food. To solve this problem, we advise that you choose materials that are easy to clean, such as stone, brick, and wooden surfaces. All it takes is a decent wipe-down to welcome back the cleanliness and enjoy the braai festivities. 

Interior designers, electricians and much more – we have them all here on homify. See our professionals page for more info.

10. Safely sheltered

What a perfect idea to integrate the cooking area with the garden. This large patio with a wooden roof provides a fantastic spot to braai and dine in style, while still allowing you to enjoy fresh air and garden views. 

And look, there is even a sink included, meaning no more running inside whenever some washing up needs to occur. A most clever design and stylish space!

Want more ideas for your braai area? Then see our tips when it comes to: Creating your own braai terrace.

What ideas will you be using for your braai area back home?

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