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A simple house full of secrets

Leigh Leigh
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Today, we are going to visit South Korea to draw some inspiration from a fabulous white house that is simple, sophisticated and oh so cute!

White is often overlooked as a bland colour with not too much life or soul, but today we will see that this is simply not the case. White can bring a very elegant, classic and sophisticated look and feel to a home—both outside and in.

Bunny Williams once said, If you love something, it will work. That's the only real rule. This rings true for design, decor and architecture over and over again and when it comes to white as a colour palette, you may just fall in love today.

We will also see how white works with natural light and wooden furniture and finishes, creating a stunning visual affect as well as a home that is cozy and warm.

Let's take a look!

A simple design

From the outside of the home, we can see that this is a very simple design with a cubic shape that plays with different horizontal planes. The bottom level seems to exist at a different angle compared to the top level, thanks to a protruding wall, packing quite a punch.

The design professionals have chosen white for the facade, with grey finishes, which enhances the clean lines and the simple design. The windows create a wonderful connection between the interior and exterior spaces while the balcony and terrace ensure that the inside of the home spills out onto the outdoor area. 

Are your curious to take a step inside?

A homely home

The interior space features the same white tones that we saw throughout the exterior space, but wood has also be introduced as a dominant material, which brings a sense of warmth and cosiness to the home.

The kitchen is one of the rooms where we see the most use of wood, with light wooden floors and wooden cabinets creating a very earthy space that seems to envelope you in its homeliness. This is truly the heart and soul of the home.

The designers have added some black tones into the room too in the form of black tiled walls and black kitchen counters, which brings a very cutting-edge and elegant tone to the space. 

The space available in this room has been completely utilised, with plenty of storage space for kitchen items, keeping the counters clear and tidy. The wooden table and chairs provide the perfect spot for more causal meals and conversations, while subtly separating the open plan kitchen from the rest of the home.

Light and bright

In this area, we can really see how the large glass windows and doors that we saw from the outside of the home impact the interior design.

The large glass sliding doors in this space allow the living space to visually and physically expand to the outdoor area, while allowing natural light to flow into the home. This creates a very appealing and spacious-looking room.

At night, the ceiling light provides this room with a wonderful, soft glow. Remember that lighting is everything when it comes to ambiance in your home.

You'll notice that there is very simple furniture in this room too, with the designers going for a slightly minimalist look and feel. This is a theme that we will see reoccur throughout the home.

A touch of nature

One of the best ways that you can add a refreshing form of decor and design to your home is to add a fresh vase of flowers or a tall pot plant, like this one. It instantly brightens and enhances a space without overwhelming it.

In fact in this hallway, the lovely tree and charcoal pot creates a very appealing look and feel. This makes moving down the hallway that much more pleasant!

Your hallways should never be overlooked when it comes to decor and design. Have a look at these 6 simple ideas to decorate your hallway.

Light throughout

In this area of the home, we can see how its possible to adopt darker tones in the interior space, if you have a lot of natural light flowing through the home. 

Another wonderful way you can ensure that your home gets enough light is to install skylights in the ceiling. Speak to a professional about the possibility of this in your home as well as how you can install more windows and doors.

Also have a look at these: Tips for bathing your home in natural light.

The delightful bedroom

While there is no furniture in this room yet, except for a lovely little pot plant, we can see just how much potential this bedroom holds.

With the large glass windows, sunshine streams into the space, creating a very appealing private area where the resident can relax in a peaceful and serene room.

The chocolate-coloured walls are very warm and earthy, creating a cocoon like-effect that truly works because of how light the space is. 

Couldn't you imagine relaxing on your cushy bed with a book in this room?

A touch of patterns

In the bathroom, the designers have paired white walls and white features with light blue patterned tiles. This creates a very charming effect!

Tiles are a great material for a bathroom as they are easy to dry and clean and are budget-friendly too.

You'll also notice that while this space isn't that big, the mirror on the wall adds depth to the room making it seem that much bigger. It also features a medicine cabinet behind it, creating a storage area where all personal products can be hidden neatly out of sight.

The entrance

Now that we have seen the inside of the house, we want to show you the elegant and sophisticated entrance to the home. Do you see how it is subtle and simple, but also very welcoming as well as representative of the delightful design that awaits in side the home.

Your entrance is so important when it comes to welcoming your guests as well as giving outsiders a little taste of the beautiful home that you live in. Make sure that you invest a little bit of time into it!

Have a look at: How to create a beautiful entrance in 6 easy steps.

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