10 things people with a clean house always do

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Are you exhausted from the eyesore that is your home? Keeping the living areas, kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms tidy is a nightmare and storing all extra items and accessories is tiring, especially in a small apartment or home. Well, in this Ideabook, we are looking at 10 great ideas to keep the space more tidy, in an effortless way. By maintaining the tidiness of the home, we’ll have much less work to do at the end of the week.

1. Decorative storage

It may seem like these suitcases are just decorations in the home, but interior designers are using them as simple storage, while also recreating vintage inspired décor that is absolutely chic.

2. Keep the hallway tidy

The hallway is often the first place your guests see, which is why it is important to keep it tidy and in order. Simple storage is an easy way to ensure that you won’t have shopping bags, keys, scarves and coats all over the place.

3. Office supplies

A home office that makes use of clever storage and perfect colour coordination will look even better than having boxes and boxes of files and folders. This is definitely a tidy look for a modern home.

4. The unexpected

Incorporate a library into your living room and create storage for all those books you adore. This design has a modern edge with a rustic charm added by the simple fireplace.

5. Shelving

Shelves against the wall, are the ideal storage unit for when floor space is limited. Go for a colour full of fantasy and make your interior perfect. Photographs, vases and ornaments are choice items to be displayed here.

6. A place for everything

One definite way to keep your home tidier is by creating a space for each thing. This means a desk to store your paperwork, a stationery area for your pens and calculator and a storage box for other miscellaneous items.

7. Organise and stategise

Prevent an disorganised array of items in your home by placing like items with each other in the same corner or box. This means that you will know all your magazines are together in chronological order, and all your family photos and memories are organised too.

8. Fold and store clothing

A good way to ensure that your home remains neat and tidy, is by folding your clothing neatly and storing them in your closet immediately. Resist the urge to bundle clean clothes up onto the chair of your bedroom and the space will be much less cluttered.

9. Neaten your drawers

Keep all your drawers neat by folding and dividing the items of clothing and accessories. This means you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for, without much effort.

10. A logical wardrobe is key

If you are lucky enough to have a large closet space in your home, then dividing your wardrobe so everything has their perfect spot is another factor to consider. This means more than just the clothing in your closet, store your jewellery and accessories in an organised manner, and you’ll never have to look for them again. Now that you've sorted out how to keep your home tidy, look at these: 8 decorating sins that you need to stop doing (right now!)

Which of these ideas will you implement in your home?

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