Woodworking: how to improve your home with wood

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Adding wooden elements to rooms or getting your hands dirty and doing a bit of building are wonderful ways to ensure that the home get a fresh new look…

Although it always has been a strong contender when it comes to home construction and furnishings, wood is experiencing a massive resurgence in popularity. It is a multifaceted material endowed with the pedigree of centuries as sturdy yet stylish element in any home. 

It is because of the useful nature of wood that it is favoured as a building material as well as an aesthetic constituent of interior design. There are many things to consider when choosing wooden options and furnishings, and untreated or poorly suited wooden objects can be a house's downfall. Let's look at some of the great results possible when carefully considering integrating wooden elements in any home. 

Benefits of wood

The benefits of wood is manifold. Firstly, if obtained conscientiously, it is very environmentally-friendly. When wood is sourced in a responsible manner, it is a sustainable and renewable material in constructing buildings and furnishing them. Wood stores carbon and uses much less energy to produce and process. 

In general, wood is a resilient, versatile material that does not have to be too expensive. It is very strong and a natural insulator. This makes it ideal for any climate, area or room. 

Furthermore, wood is much more cost-efficient than most other building materials, and can be quickly and effectively used for construction. 

Lastly, wood is intrinsically beautiful and reminiscent of nature's splendour, adding aesthetic value to any design.

Breaking sterile space

Wooden walls is a luxury, but is not used as much in the structure of modern houses. Panelling is an option, but this can get quite expensive as an interior design element. There is a clever way to get around this, though. Wood panelling on only one section of a wall can introduce an element of interest to the room whilst keeping costs on the low side. 

It is also a great technique to pull together various elements in the room and create a unified space. Employing this, a natural side can be brought out in an otherwise sterile space. 

Packed to the rafters with elegance

Wooden ceilings add an immediate sense of grandeur to a home. It can be especially effective when used in contrast with a relatively modern or arresting minimalist space. The interplay between a dark-wood ceiling with exposed beams and a clear white room generates and extremely visually interesting setting which can be supplemented by fitting elements. 

The romantic feeling that a wooden ceiling evokes can also not be denied. It reminds of charming garden cottage or shelter in the wild. All this with added practicality—a wooden roof is robust, and if installed by a professional, will need little maintenance. 

French sophistication

Timber planks in the Parquet de Versailles style is an excellent and timeless way to furnish a floor. The large diagonal blocks formed by laying down different sizes of wooden tiles dates from the 17th century in regal European buildings and remains a graceful style to this day. 

The use of wood for floors is an excellent choice. Besides the apparent aesthetic value, well-treated timber will be long-lasting and wear-resistant. These days it is wise to consider wood laminates, but for stylish investment, a wooden floor in Parquet design is a definite winner. 

Long-term relationship

Furniture and wood has come a long way and the love affair is all but over. The options are endless—different types of furniture, different types of wood, multitudinous finishes. It is unlikely that anyone can think of furniture without having some or another association with wood. 

Choosing wooden pieces of furniture does also provide the opportunity to bring an interesting quality to a room. It can, in fact, change the entire atmosphere of a space. A roughly worked or de-constructed bed frame can, for example, bring a lovely rustic character to a bedroom.

There are innumerable other styles and setting that can be achieved by incorporating wooden furniture in a home, but here are a few more interesting wooden furniture ideas

Another point of view

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Window frames are an often overlooked but crucial part of a building's design. It is not only an absolute functional part of a house's construction, but a valuable canvas which can make or break the theme and general character of a room. 

What a great place to integrate wood! As mentioned before, when wood is sourced and treated correctly, it is a durable and sustainable material. In modern construction of window frames, wood is thus weather-proof and has the added benefit of aesthetic value. 

First impressions

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Doors can be easily constructed from timber, and it is by far the most wide-spread material for this purpose. Due to the flexible, yet light-weight nature of certain types of wood, it is ideally suited to be shaped into revolving barriers at the gate of a home. Wooden doors are also coveted for its attractive and adaptable appearance which is exactly what is wanted as the initial image of a house. 

Of course, we will not limit our versatile material to front doors, but acknowledge that it is just as great a performer in entryways throughout the home. 


All of the ways to functionally incorporate wood into a home that we have covered up to this point have included structural or rather large elements or fixtures. This is appropriate, as wood does represent large and sturdy figures. We must not overlook its delicate side, though. With the right level of craftsmanship, wood can be worked and transformed into subtle yet functional accessories which will effortlessly blend into many interior designs. What's more, every wooden object will be unique due to the natural discolouration and growth rings of each individual tree from which the material had come.

Do you have some other interesting ideas to functionally integrate wood in your home?

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