The 120 square metre home that satisfied parents in their 30s and their 3 kids

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Today we present to you a house of only 128 square metres, where two parents in their 30s hoped to create something that satisfied them as well as their three children. Naturally, a difficult task. With two young children as well as a newborn baby, there was a lot to be achieved in terms of what they need from the house. 

Many people love and enjoy the idea of creating their family home, preparing it for everything that they need, to satisfy all members of the family and that is exactly what has been done here. What's particularly interesting and special, however, is that they've achieved it in a relatively small amount of space. There's even a home theatre. 

So, now you can take a look at each room, as well as the plans, and let us know exactly what you think. 

Wooden deck and fences

A range of materials were used to achieve the final product, and we absolutely love the addition of the wooden deck here. It adds a natural element to the otherwise very modern style home but is also looks classy and practical. In addition to its physical appearance, it puts a slight barrier up between the home and the front yard, giving privacy to the living room.

The beautiful but compact facade

The entire house exists atop a reinforced concrete foundation, with a neat appearance designed for practicality as well as a sense of architectural beauty. While it has an industrial, heavy look in some ways, a delicateness is achieved thanks to the lightweight wooden frame. The colour scheme, creating sections, is also a cool addition in terms of personality. How many homes do you see with a stark, orange facade like this one? Our guess? Not many. 

A little pool

We bet you didn't see this coming! A cute little pool was added—probably to appease the wishes of the children. It might be very small, but there's something equally relaxing about its size and style. Even if it's not used to swim in, when filled with water it will certainly add a tranquility to the space.

A large yard

Everyone with kids knows that a good amount of outdoor space to play in is very necessary to deal with their copious amounts of energy. The garden/lawn here is nothing flash but it serves the purpose of getting the kids out of the house and into some physical activity.

The entrance

When you're dealing with a large family and a small house (or basically a family in any situation) it's vitally important to keep thing organise, or it can all turn to chaos pretty quickly. This entrance area captures exactly what home organisation should be all about. It's smart and simple but with shelves, hooks, a show stowing area and space to sit, it serves every purpose needed. They clearly consulted an interior designer for these tips—but now you don't have to! 

The kitchen

Okay so this family were clearly pretty keen on getting a stunning kitchen, as this is probably the most fancy part of the home. Isn't it just stunning though? There's ample room to cook and prepare, but it doesn't take up an outrageous amount of space. We also love that you can clearly see the mix of materials used in the interior. Exposed brick, wood, concrete—beautiful. 

The living room

Going for a cosy but relatively minimal feeling in the living room, there's more than enough space for the whole family to spend time here together, but it's also a nice space for some lone relaxation. 

Mum's hobby room

Whatever your hobby is, it's nice to have some space in your home to carry it out. That's why the mother in this family decided to turn one of the room's into her personal dress making space. You could obviously use the room for anything that your heart desires, but in this case—it's all about sewing!

The stairs

Staircases are an often forgotten but always important element of design from a visual perspective. By opting for a simple black and natural wood look, they appear simple but stunning. Including a little seating area at the halfway point is also a smart way to make use of a little extra nook of space—and clearly the kids rather enjoy it. Worst case scenario, you can use it for storage. If you're a big fan of staircases and storage, you might like to check out creative ideas for the space under your stairs, for some more inspiration. 

Dining room

Tacked onto the kitchen, you'll find the little dining space. It's a wonderful idea in theory to have a dining room, but when working with a limited number of square metres, it's not always practical. However, the family still needs a space to come together for a meal—so a little addition to the kitchen like this one it a great idea.

What do you think of this home? We'd love to hear your opinion!

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