28 square metres of storage space becomes an enviable modern apartment!

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Today we present to you one of those projects that we appreciate so much it's almost impossible. This amazing transformation sees an old, forgotten warehouse magically turning into a small but modern loft. Thanks to the architects/designers at Pietro Emilio Cubadda, the formerly abandoned shed with a floor area of only 28 square metres now has a new, safe and functional use. 

The designer himself bought the property and after almost an entire year of bureaucratic issues, he was able to begin the work. Perhaps most interesting is that hidden within the 28 square metres is an additional 5 square metre cellar, which was a particular challenge to construct. 

Translated from homify Italy 

The old entrance

This is how entrance appeared before the architect got his hands on it. A half rusted garage door that remained closed for a long time—can you believe that it became the stylish entrance to a beautiful, livable loft?

Here's how it appeared the deposit entrance before the expert. A common gate half rusted, which closed all its own entrance as with a normal commercial activity. Would you say never that this will soon become the entrance to a nice loft?

Bye bye humidity

There numerous attempts made to restore the area inside, both in the main section and in the cellar. This began with the creation of a crawl space and included the installation of disposable form-works under the floor so as to avoid the formation of moisture and hence mould and rot. 

A work in progress

Given the tiny size of the room, 5.2 x 5.48 x 3.8 m (length, width, height), the most logical solution to earn extra space was to create a loft—so that's exactly what they did! The material used for the structure? Wood, of course. 

The new bathroom

Before the intervention, the bathroom was located on the left of the room, right beneath the window that can be seen in the first image. Unfortunately but not unexpectedly, it was an uninhabitable environment. It was decided that the best bet was to move it to the right side of the loft in order to optimise the available space. 

The built-in kitchen

Where the bathroom was previously located, they decided to install a built-in kitchen via the use of aerated 10cm concrete blocks. Despite initial thoughts on their appearance, the style is actually quite modern and have a very effective and stylish finished product. 

The new entrance

Now, to the moment we've all been waiting for: the new entrance. The space dedicated to the door was visibly reduced to a more suitable and attractive size. Now, instead of a dark garage door we can see a beautiful, subtle and appealing house door that fits more appropriately with the original facade. 

The new interior

While the exterior of a home is important, it's of course what is inside that truly counts and as you can see here, the finished work is pretty beautiful. The atmosphere is friendly but also chic, thanks to the stone wall, which is actually the original that was covered in unnecessary layers of plaster. 

The sleeping area

It might be a slight stretch to refer to it as a bedroom, but this sleeping area is just as cosy as any bedroom we've seen. Naturally there isn't much space, but there's enough to accommodate a sofa sofa bed which provides stylish versatility. During the day, we have a living room with a sofa, and by night we have a cosy bed to snuggle up in. Practical but nice.  

The kitchen

And this is the kitchen: the peninsula and the hob/hearth were made with basalt, which gives the entire area a natural and beautiful feeling. The cabinet doors also feature a rather natural feeling, and this means that the entire kitchen is characterised by a pleasant harmony. We love the spot lights, too. 

Finally, here is the bathroom. The space is very small, making up only about 3 square meters, but nevertheless it is well stocked with everything you need. The shower is very large, 90 cm x 80 cm, and transparent doors help to give a greater sense of depth to the entire room.  What makes it feel even bigger is that the fixtures are suspended, which has the added bonus of helping with cleaning. 

What do you think of this transformation? Let us know in the comments section!

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