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If you ever wanted to make a change in your backyard or garden, but did not know where to start, we here at homify will give you 19 ideas that will delight you. Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to get the ball rolling and set you on your way to creating the space you desire.

Whether large, medium or small, you can achieve a unique space in your backyard or garden by implementing designs with original flooring, a seating area or a corner with a pond or a small fountain.

The ideas we have to offer you are simple, and you don’t need spectacular resources or an abnormally large budget to put them into practice. Join us to explore your options and see what you can achieve for your own home!

1. Different levels

Incorporate different levels in the garden to optimize the use of space while creating areas for different activities. You can use a different material in each zone to create a balance.

2. A long but not winding road

This space has a long and narrow strip that brings a touch of green an infallible garden. It is contained by a cobblestone floor and shoots against the perimeter wall with black flagstones.

3. Use of wood

The surface of a garden is much more pleasant to move about on if it has a wooden deck. It gives an atmosphere of warmth and softness, and although it requires some maintenance, it is a simple task that can be performed once a year.

4. A pleasant space

In this garden, a split-level sector is armed with armchairs where you can enjoy the outdoors with family or friends.

5. A modern source

Water is an element that clearly belongs in a garden, especially when in motion and the sound where can help us relax. To avoid wasting water and be kind to the environment, you can install a recirculation pump, similar to that used in fish tanks to aerate and prevent spoilage.

6. An ideal pergola

A pergola in the garden is ideal because you can enjoy the outdoors and also have protection from the sun and wind. It also gives you a contained framework which outlines the space visually without giving a feeling of confinement.

7. A relaxing space

Although the yard or garden may be small, you can always build a place of relaxation. The idea in the image, for example, is easy to achieve at a fairly moderate cost. It has a wooden deck surrounded by a bed of white stones with bushes.

8. Set flowerpots

A space with flowers always gives a sense of joy and life.

9. Lighting power

Lighting is an essential element in any yard or garden, because it helps create a pleasant and magical atmosphere, ideal to enjoy an evening with friends or as a family environment.

10. Bamboo as decoration

Bamboo is a species widely used in modern gardens, as it requires no special care, and ensures a green touch throughout the year. It is a slender, elegant and harmonious variety, which is very good when combined in a long, low pot. It can cover a wall all along, to create an interesting natural shade, although it is usually a fairly invasive plant. This can be avoided if the variety called Fargesia, which does not grow unchecked, is chosen.

11. A small Zen corner

If your yard or garden is tiny, there is still no reason not to have a relaxing design. In the picture you can see how nice it is this proposal of a wooden deck is. The corner was delimited by braces and filled with earth covered with white stones.

12. Green wall

When there is plenty of space, it is also possible to have a small garden in a courtyard. In this case, a vertical garden was put together on a wall mounted where live potted succulents and hanging plants are framed.

13. Detail for a corner

This garden has an original detail, making it ideal for small spaces.

14. Stone cladding

The yard or garden can have several types of coatings. In this case the protagonist is a natural stone wall cut into rectangles.

15. Corner of fire

This charming corner of fire brings warmth to this garden, and not just because it mitigates the cold but also because it makes it an inviting place to sit at the fire side.

16. Real beds

These magnificent garden chairs give a sophisticated charm, without spending too much money.

17. A welcoming space

This patio invites you to sit and talk in comfortable wooden chairs with overstuffed pillows which are upholstered in naval fabric.

18. Stone, grass and wood

This garden has three distinct areas that each have a specific function. There are two wooden decks that invite you to sit and eat with family or friends, or you can choose a canvas or lawn chair.

19. A natural way

In the image, we can see a smooth cement road in light colours, cane walls and a pergola covered with plants.

These 19 patios all have their own merits and unique features, and surely provides a starting point for designing your own patio space!

Which of these 19 patios did you like the most?

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