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A beautiful entry path is a guaranteed way to make even the most basic and boring houses look glamorous. It also makes a lasting impression on visitors—first impressions are the most important, after all. In celebration of this, today we are presenting 13 contemporary homes that all boast beautiful entry paths, created with a range of materials and designs in mind. 

Some use cleverly placed and beautiful lights to make their impact, while others go for the simple but effective approach. There's also the option of saying a futuristic approach, or going for something beaming with personality. It all comes down to individual taste. 

1. Simple but beautiful

A simple wooden path crafted from thin planks can produce a lovely result. As pictured here, it's a smart and beautiful option that contrasts the natural looking grass while maintaining a natural feeling. Super zen. 

2. Make an impression

This path, which curves gently into the entrance of the house is simple in design but has a striking result because of the subtle touches that take it to the next level. By painting on swirls and circles, it looks intriguing and appealing, while the lights adorning the edges guide the way. 

3. Geometric and stunning

Sleek and rectangular concrete slabs edged with modest flowering shrubs lead you to this mansion, which flaunts love for geometrical lines through its entire design. Palms and well-maintained hedges complete the grand look of the lofty building.

4. Walking over water

This beautiful home is blessed by having a body of water before the entrance, as if it's some kind of castle surrounded by a mote. The water means a stunning look but a slightly more complex entry path. Looks great. just be careful if you've had a few wines…  T

The credit for the picture goes to the photographers at Oscar Hernandez – Fotografia de Arquitectura.

6. Lighting in the edges

Private Residence, Koregaon Park, Pune Chaney Architects Minimalist house
Chaney Architects

Private Residence, Koregaon Park, Pune

Chaney Architects

Stylish and extremely slim steps make the entry path of this fabulous glass and concrete home look even more stunning. What really makes the difference, and accentuates the design style even more are the lights tucked neatly underneath and between the steps, enhancing their shape and style. 

6. Keep it simple

The shape of this house grabs attention immediately and like any beautiful home, it's evening look can be beautifully enhanced by lighting options. The contrast between the horizontal and vertical elements are more prominent in this design, and are made even clearer by the lighting. 

7. Hiding in the distance

The beautiful white steps flanked by lush vegetation on either side have sleek spaces underneath to conceal bright lights. The effect is magical, along with the soothing glows created by the other artfully concealed lights in the garden.

8. Jazzy entry

By opting for LED lights, the all white look of this house is complemented beautifully by the touches of soft pastel shades of blue and purple. They not only lead the way to the entrance but create a sense of calm and beauty. 

9. Quirky minimalism

The quirky projections and angles of this trendy grey, white and wooden house have been duly complemented by the stylish grey slabs paving the entry pathway. Narrow strips of light adorn the left side of each step, ensuring a unique appearance.

10. Slopes and slants

There's no real way to describe this house other than ultramodern, and that's what makes the entrance so beautiful. Compared to the rest of the design, it's quite simple. Sometimes a staircase really is the best way to go. 

11. Cute and classy

Large and white overlapping steps work wonderfully with the greens to create a stylish path for reaching this home. What we like the most about the style is that it's got a cute, homely feel but also manages to achieve a smart, modern sophistication. 

12. The quintessential modern

Sometimes a standard modern design is a great option to go for in terms of home design, if you're after something nice and big but not too ostentatious. Ground lights, palms and pretty hedges add to the charm, while long concrete slabs interspersed with grass take you to the garage. 

13. Tropical paradise at home

The entry path to this cosy house is lined with stones and wooden panels, while luxuriant plants, bushes and shrubs come together for a tropical ambiance. The overall look is serene, welcoming and nature-friendly.  

Hope you are now all set to wow your guests with an entry path that stuns them before they start admiring your interiors. For more ideas, check out another story - Imaginative and Inspiring Homes from all over the world.

What do you think of these ideas? Do you have a favourite?

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