13 Closets Designs Perfect for Small Spaces

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A closet is an indispensable tool for our homes; it organizes and ensures the smooth running of life. Every morning we try to look our best and for that, we need to have all our clothes and accessories at one place. 

People dream of a big closet all the time, but the harsh reality is – it is difficult to have so much space where you can have your things organized properly. 

But for experts, this is no real problem, all it needs is some rethinking. To achieve a spacious closet in a limited space, we have enlisted 13 amazing designs.

Street style

Street style gives us the ability to give the space a modern and opulent touch. It’s just one side of the wall, but the application is quite excellent. Clothes, shoes as well as books, you can store all of it in one place without creating any clutter. The interiors and upper portion of the box can be used for different purposes.


Cabinetries are the best solutions for small spaces. Get the design and color of your choice and stuff it all in one go. Small and big variations can be made according to individual choices. The cabinetry consumes hardly occupies any space and showcases ultimate elegance.

A Closet in the Washroom

It’s a myth that a closet can only be put in a bedroom because you can place it in any corner of the house.  Go for any place where you have some room.  Here you have a washroom with ample space for closets.

A very Stylish Closet in the Bedroom

If you think there is no space for a closet in your house, maybe you can put it in your bedroom. Just put a curtain rod and do anything behind it. 

Put up hangers, shelves, curtain rods, and racks to make more space for clothes. And, don’t worry, even if it is aesthetically unappealing, the curtains will cover the truth.

Invisible Doors in the Closet

To make small space a little more spacious, you need to ditch the walls. If you doubt your decision, then please don’t hesitate. Replace the walls of your closet with glass doors and it will have a modern elegance all around.

Optimize Space

You just need to optimize the entire space in order to create some room. A little reformation will be needed in all the corners, whether it is the carpet or furniture. Go for this sort of carpet and cabinets and feel like a star.

Use Percherons

The racks in this room give an option for better and bigger storage. Down the stairs or in the bedroom, you can put brackets or a tube, and transform it into a small closet. The entire space is done in white and there is enough room for everything.


If you want to avoid specks of dust in the closets, a slider door will suffice the purpose in utmost elegance.

A Place for Everything

Better and clear placement of clothes lets you find your things easily and even makes the space appear organized and subtle.

An Open Space

When you want to make major reforms and there is enough room, things get easier.  Just some department store cabinets and a locker and things can be done in the way you want.

Do Not Forget the Mirror

Mirrors are always welcomed into a room, making the space appear a bit large. Eliminate the wooden doors and go for the glass doors.

Use Light Colors

A well-lit place is needed when it is about the closet, else, finding clothes will be more troublesome.

Personalize the Space

If you always wanted the mirrors clubbed with great lights, you still have a chance. The designers here created a girl's most beloved dream.

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