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Today, we set foot in Poland, Eastern Europe, where architect studio RS + Robert Skitek erected a modern piece of construction and called it a house. 

Set in the midst of a development landscape in order to increase the value of the plot and area, this architectural structure perfectly embodies the style ‘modern’. The example we’ll be discovering in detail succeeds in standing out from its neighbouring abodes, and yet, at the same time, perfectly blends in with its surroundings – truly a unique accomplishment.  

Let’s start our journey to experience not just ultra modernity, but exceptional character exemplified in both the contemporary exterior and chic interior.

​Rising Modernity

The structure is located in a housing estate in Krakow. Set on the highest point of a sloping street, the house boasts a terrific view of the city, as well as the mountains far on the horizon – just as investors recommended. Looking out from this house is almost like standing on a balcony and peering out at the world below.  

As is evident in the first picture, the house’s clear white concrete exterior, along with its flat roof and multiple-storey window, is a contrast from the other houses visible on the street, sporting their tiled, inclined roofs.

Exceptional, Yet Fitting

A white, cubic structure that is not only simplistic, but quite the epitome of modern construction, the house towers over the landscape—even more so because its mass has been raised up, giving its inhabitants a literal raise above their surroundings. For this reason, the architects decided to keep the structure simple and straightforward, in order to have it merge with its surroundings. 

One would expect a garden to conjure up images of playfulness, friendliness – and yet the accompanying grounds also embodies the same geometric treatment as the house: unique and stylish.

View from the Garden

Standing in the unique garden in front of the house, a new exterior greets us. Still the cubic block we met on the side, the house now shows us a more ‘homey’ feel with its terraces, glass doors, and dining set on the patio, yet still retains its modern aesthetics. 

Immediately visible are the two giant glass panels (‘windows’ seems too ordinary a word to call them) on the first- and second storeys, each one practically taking up an entire wall. We see a faint glimpse of blinds on the inside, which are sure to add to the inhabitants’ intimacy in their modern abode. An array of terraces has also been included, allowing you glimpses of the surrounding neighbourhood from all sides of the house. 

A ground floor terrace has been used to store firewood, giving a sense of practicality and decoration (the warm, brown woods playing with the stark white backdrop).

​A Gleaming Interior

Ultra modernity and simplicity awaits us inside (did we expect anything less?). Working with a contrast of white against black, the living room introduces us to an elegant staircase of warm, glossy timber. 

High-quality materials are seen everywhere, but it’s not a decor overkill – on the contrary. Only the essential furniture and accessories are seen. Less is more, but less seems even more less as the black furniture seem to vanish into the dark tiled floor, stylishly gleaming inside this modern wonder.

​Up to More Style

The staircase seems to be the attraction point, the gleaming factor between the two floors. It leads us from the black and white, open space below to another world upstairs, one filled with glass panels and shiny decoratives tumbling from the ceiling. 

The warm, inviting wooden steps refuse to release our vision, making its light, thin railing seem quite invisible.

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​The Transparent Bathroom

Daring to try the staircase leads us to the clear side wall of the bathroom, complete with white ceramics and ultra elegant bathtub. Blinds on the bathroom’s inside, however, will provide the much-needed privacy.

The decoration tumbling from the ceiling can now be seen quite clear – silver little spheres, which add an extra element of shine to the interiors. Our vision becomes lighter as we ascend the staircase, leading to white ceiling, glass windows, and natural lighting.

​Light up the Night

At dusk, the house’s interior lights up, nicely warming up this modern creation. White and orange glows spill out from the windows onto the terraces, illuminating this modern beauty where it proudly towers over the neighbourhood.  A curious and ultra trendy structure indeed, one that will cause passing heads to turn in wonder, even more so at nightfall!

What was your favourite element of this modern house? That staircase? The unique garden? Share with us!

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