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10 stunning colours for South African living rooms

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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Is your living room area tired, boring and in the need of a splash of colour or vibrant upgrade? Well, in this Ideabook we consider some colourful and attractive features for the South African living room, which are ideal to get the space looking attractive and full of life again. Have you ever considered a colour that is most suited to your personality? And if you consider the colour wheel, as well as the emotion that each colour represents, then there may just be an amazing colour that you create the home experience and décor that you adore!

1. Aqua

Aqua colour walls are the way to go for that home that aims to be reminiscent of a beach getaway, it’s bright and bold and will work well with any living room furniture choice.

2. Blue

If you love the effect that a beautiful deep blue wall can have on your living room, then this marine inspired choice is calming and comforting.

3. Tangerine

Considering a colour that evokes summer splendour? Then tangerine might just be the bright and breezy colourful effect for your home that is inspirational, warm and friendly.

4. Green

If plants and fresh décor is what you’re after, then you cannot go wrong with gorgeous green as a character enhancing feature for living room.

5. Purple

Go for purple to enhance a luxurious and beautiful element of décor in your fantastic design. You don’t have to go with purple walls, but the addition of lush cushions and curtains could be all it takes.

6. Yellow

This colour represents happiness and a welcoming environment! So go for some sunshine inspired decor to brighten up your interior on a cloudy day.

7. Pink

Pink could just be the best colour to perk up your boring living room walls, it’s lovely and when accompanied with a perfect floral arrangement, this décor would be sensational.

8. Indigo

Indigo is comforting and calming to the body, mind and soul, while being bright and striking too.

9. Peachy pearl

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It’s a subdued choice, but the peachy pearl colour creates an attractive and eye catching effect on the home too. But, interior designers adore the effect when paired with some warm and cosy afternoon sun.

10. Black

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Viocero | Antago CH Table & Desk Lamp


A minimalist décor will be even more sleek and stylish with bold black walls. It has a professional atmosphere that is simple yet sophisticated. How’s that for unique? If you need more decor inspiration, then these: 40 Stylish and Spectacular Living Spaces will amaze you.

Which colour do you feel most attracted to?

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