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Lovely modern charm

Henriëtte Mulder Henriëtte Mulder
Emilie Bigorne, architecte d'intérieur CFAI Minimalist house Bricks
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One sometimes might get the feeling of What the… ? when looking at a modern building. Where is the charm and beauty from buildings in Colonial area. Or when looking at buildings, going further back in history it wasn't just a building, it was something that told a story—it told the visitor exactly who the person was that lives there or what type of place it is. Here is the problem with most modern buildings, all individuality is gone - flats, housing complexes and even offices became uniform.

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Now, it doesn't need to be this way. Modern houses doesn't need to be ugly and uniform to all the other places out there, it can have charm and be welcoming. This is what French designer Emilie Bigorne did with this charming U-shaped house. This was done with the minimal plants, and green, green grass and big windows and doors, leading into the house.


What makes this house looks different is the great U-shape it has. The garage is situated on the left side, with the majority of the house on the right side and the hallway combining the two segments to create one building. Both parts of the house gives the distinct impression of a barn with the square rectangular sides and with it's tiled gable (triangular) roof. The hallway houses the front door and is different from the house because of its flat roof.

The garage is only a single garage with a dark door that stands out from the red brick walls, yet complimenting each other. The other side of the house has glass doors to gain access to the house, but also lets in natural light, even though the tree block some of the light.

To perfectly finish of the front façade is the courtyard set between the two sides of the building. The gravel and stepping stones leads you to the front door with ease, while a bit of greenery gives a bit of live to the monotonous brick walls.

A nice sunny spot

Spending time in the outdoors is great in the warm summer months and this little terrace is great to have that outdoor meal or braai or even just have a good time with friends and family. The terrace is protected from the wind from two sides, the red brick wall and the light grey wall.

On this side of the house isn't  much plants, most of the green comes from  the grass, but the red brick, grey wall and the black frames of the windows works well together, while the different sizes windows and doors brings a different dynamic to the house. The grey part of the house is also an extension that houses the kitchen, but differ in more than just colour. This also has a flat roof, like the hallway that connects the buildings.

The whiter, the brighter

The advantage of a white hallway is that it looks longer than it necessarily is. White walls, white ceilings and sunlight streaming in through the lights just underneath the ceiling makes the room seem more open and because there is no other windows that overlooks the property this windows for natural light is very important. If it weren't there the place would have become claustrophobic.  

The hallway's entirely white interior is broken by using a light grey tiling and a display table inserted into the wall. A yellow chair stands at the end of the corridor, the only sign that, that is where the hall ends. A mirror with a white frame is hanged against the wall directly opposite the door.

The sunbathed living room

This room gets plenty of sunlight from three directions, the façade and the left and the right, through huge glass doors and windows high up in the wall and smaller windows next to the front glass doors. Two flattened white oval lights illuminates the room at night and if switched off that's the moon and stars' work.

The furniture in this living room is predominantly white, from the couches to the TV cabinet and certain parts of the coffee table in the middle of the room—even the framework of the doors that is black on the outside is white. The white is broken with the table top as well as the carpet, chair and side table, which is in different shades of brown. It all fit perfectly together, except for the TV who stands out of the crowd because of its black surface,

Open plan dining

The first thing in this room to break the white is the light brown cupboards that houses the grey oven. The brown is also evident in the simple yet elegant chairs around the dining table.

The white makes the kitchen look bigger and the sunlight that comes in through the two windows—one wide window above the counter and one that can't be seen in this picture (it is visible in an above discussed picture) contributes to this illusion.

 At night two low hanging lights, that looks like cups and a hanging bowl-like light gives light to the rooms. The only things that divides the room visibly is the table that is lower than the kitchen island as well as the ceiling that is lower than the rest.

Calm and clean

White is also a central part in this room, but the wood plays an important role in making this room a calm and welcoming place. Having two sinks in a bathroom is a good idea, because it lessens the changes for people to fight over who is going to brush their teeth, when.

The sinks, bathtub, toilet, faucets and flushing systems is all in the same modern style that contributes to the unity in the house.  A glass and wooden wall separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom, giving a sense of privacy.

The wide mirror reflects the bathroom and creates the illusion that it is bigger than it actually is. Sun streams in during the day through the narrow window and when night comes a number of sunken ceiling lights illuminates the room.

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The use of whites, grey and browns throughout the house creates a uniform picture and the same theme (though different from the interior) is used on the exterior of the house. Minimal furniture and simple accessories keeps the place open and decluttered.

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