​9 bright ways to brighten up dark rooms in your home

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Letting some natural light into a room isn’t just so that you don’t bump into a wall – numerous studies have proven over and over again that (not too) bright light has a positive effect on how it makes the inhabitants of a house feel. Bright interiors, in comparison to dark and gloomy ones, are uplifting and help us feel more energetic. 

But now what do we do when that beautiful house of ours has all the right style touches apart from enough windows to let in some fresh sunshine? Well, we then come up with some creative tactics in which to “trick” our brains into making them believe that the room is a bit more vibrant. 

Fortunately for you, we at homify have already done that, meaning all you need to do is read our suggestions below and pick the one(s) that will best work for you!

1. Some pendant lights

Thank heavens for whoever invented ceiling lights, because now you can hang some in those dark corners of that windowless room. And seeing as pendants are available in an amazing range of shapes, styles and colours, you are definitely bound to find the perfect one for your space.

2. Lighten up your furniture

Chunky furniture isn’t just physically heavy, but also takes up a lot of visual space. In addition, it blocks light from passing through your room, making the room appear smaller and darker. 

Thus, look at investing in some light, fine-framed furniture pieces that are raised off the ground.

3. Whiten up your colour palette

Yes, white surfaces surely do help spread that light around. But we’re not just talking about white walls; white furniture and appliances can also let that bit of light bounce around a little. 

Just be sure not to decorate a room that is too white, which will make your interiors look a bit clinical.

4. Hang up a mirror

Even if you do have a window in a room, we still advise at least one beautiful mirror to help spread that natural light around. It will work best when placed strategically to reflect the light from a window. 

But if that dark room is windowless, consider setting up a mirror to reflect an artificial light source like a wall sconce or pendant.

5. Insert some bright colour

Yellow Ombre linen curtain by Lovely Home Idea LOVELY HOME IDEA Windows & doors Curtains & drapes

Yellow Ombre linen curtain by Lovely Home Idea


Wild orange, bright blue… these jovial tones, and others, will make your home feel more alive and trick your eye into thinking a room is brighter. 

Just be careful to avoid too many darker hues and team the colours with lots of white.

6. Edit your lighting scheme

Consider your lighting layout and ask yourself whether you need to invest in stronger lights, or just opt for a more textured scheme. Lighting works best when there is more than one light source, such as a table lamp, floor lamp, and overhead ceiling light.

7. Light up your cupboards

A dark kitchen or bathroom (or bedroom or study… ) will place you in a scenario where you need to rummage around a dark cupboard/drawer in search of something. Avoid this by adding some strip lights; even the cheapest battery-operated kind can make a world of difference.

8. Zhoosh up those windows

Monsoon 2014 Chivasso BV Windows & doors Curtains & drapes
Chivasso BV

Monsoon 2014

Chivasso BV

If you do happen to have a window in that dark room, take full advantage of it its light-inducing feature. Open curtains should hang on either side of the glass, not in front of it.

If a home renovation (and nice budget) is in your future, look at adding long horizontal windows above eye level. These will help introduce a bunch of additional light to a room without sacrificing privacy.

9. What to do with darker colours

If your inner interior designer implores you to add some dark colours into that room, offset this with some contrast. A stunning charcoal black, for example, will look dramatic and divine against a canvas of egg-shell white, and make those lighter tones look even lighter. 

Speaking of colours, have you ever wondered How colours influence your bedroom? It may surprise you…

Are there any other tips to light up a room that we may have missed? Let us know in our comments space below...

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