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Which floor for your bathroom?

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How many of us prefer to unwind in the tub after a long, hard day – soaking up the bubbles while we drift off into relaxation? Others prefer a quick shower (while pondering the day’s challenges and conversations), while the rest prefer to do their daily scrubbing in the morning before tackling the day.

Whatever time you choose to spend in your bathroom, it should bring with it a calming, soothing serenity, while still reflecting your (and your home’s) personal taste and technique – and that extends much further than the colour of your towels. Your bathroom floor is another important element that can mirror your sense of style, but think carefully before choosing, as different materials echo different characteristics (i.e. rustic, eclectic… ). What do you want your bathroom to say?  

But, in addition to “looking pretty”, your bathroom flooring must also add a strong foundation that is durable and practical, of course. So then, how do you choose the perfect flooring for your bathroom? 

Let’s take a look at the possibilities…

Typical Tiles

By far the most popular option due to its unlimited possibilities, tiles have become synonymous with bathroom flooring. Colours, shapes, big or small tiles, big and small… take your pick! 

Having a soft, neutral tile floor in your bathroom is a great way to visually expand your space – and make it “softer” on the eye. In this picture, the colour of the light tiled floor cleverly extends to the walls, embracing the bathroom in a soft, warm and cosy colour.  When it comes to durability, floor tiles are quite simple: water-, stain- and wear resistant, plus easy to clean. Plus you have that cool-off factor in the searing summers, making you want to spend even more time in your bathroom (or would it be to simply admire its exquisiteness?). 

See here for some more bathroom tile inspiration.

Rock that Stone Floor

Nothing beats a good polished stone floor, and having one in your bathroom will certainly up its aesthetic value. What’s more, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to colour and construction (so you have no excuse to have your floor and decor not complement each other), and stone floors are widely available.

Also a very popular choice for bathrooms, stone adds a cool finishing touch to the floor, and just brings with it a certain elegance that can’t be denied.  With stone, you can go both ways—from hard, caveman-like finishes (if that's the look you're after), or cool and sophisticated (as is shown in the accompanying image).

But bear in mind that stone requires sealing (both before and during the installation process), and it does need to be resealed every couple of years.

Magnificent Marble

If you feel that your bathroom floor is meant to be marble, you’re in luck – as clearly indicated here, marble lends an otherworldly feel to any room, with its complex style and stunning beauty. 

We are all familiar with the term “marble kitchen”, but that does not mean this material is exclusively meant for your cooking space. Marble adjusts to its surroundings, and is sure to add stylishness to your bathroom. 

However, all that gorgeousness comes at a price—please remember that marble scratches quite easily, so extra care must be taken when cleaning (don’t even consider anything containing acids such as vinegar or lemon juice).

Wood you Dare?

There is a certain something about a real wooden floor – hate it, love it, but you can’t ignore it. Maybe you associate wooden floors with your living room cosiness, or perhaps it summons up imagery of long, stunning hallways that lead to a multitude of luxurious rooms… whatever wooden flooring means to you, ever considered adding it to your bathroom?

A wooden floor in the bathroom? Sure, it’s not as cold as tiles/marble, and it does add a great visual touch (see the accompanying image), but it does come with its own set of rules.

Keep as dry as possible, as real wood flooring could warp because of the changing moisture over time. Therefore, don’t leave wet towels/ bath mats on the floor, and mop up any spillage straight away.

See what the professionals over at Woodenfloors.uk.com can conjure up when it comes to wooden flooring. 

How about Concrete?

With concrete, your bathroom is treated to a floor that is expertly suited to withstand even the toughest environmental risks. And don’t let its harsh-sounding name fool you – yes, in its natural state it’s a bit rough on bare feet, but is also available in smooth surfaces to give your bathroom a soft yet durable element of style. 

Just keep in mind: concrete does feel cold, as it is an efficient conductor, therefore allowing energy to naturally pass from it. This might not be too desirable in winter – but a big bonus in summer!

Pebble Possibilities

With pebbles, you have the power to create imaginative and unusual floor (and wall) tile designs, adding an exciting interior flavour to your bathroom. The combination of different sizes, textures, shapes and patterns will ensure that no two pebble-floor bathrooms need to look the same. Your bathroom floor can be as unique as you want it to be!

What’s more, pebbles provide a non-slip surface and are also very durable. Just remember: pebble flooring can be scratched when using abrasive cleaning products – so, similar to marble, avoid cleaning solutions with vinegar, lemon juice and other acids.  

Tip: bring the beach into your bathroom – literally! Use beach stones and pebbles in your pebble flooring for that nautical feel in your very own bathroom!

The PVC Kid on the Block

When it comes to choosing bathroom flooring, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is making quite the resurgence (especially PVC floor tiles) because of its abundance of benefits. ‘Affordable’, ‘stylish’, and’ easy to maintain’ are just some of the terms associated with PVC. 

PVC flooring are available in a multitude of colours, the tiles are easy to clean and quick to dry, they come with a textured finish which gives you extra footing (and safety) on a wet bathroom floor, and they conduct heat (which means they are warm to the touch). 

They can even masquerade as wood, as illustrated in the image here.

Whatever flooring materials take your fancy, be sure that your bathroom floor is an extension of your home and personality! See here for some stunning bathroom ideas, and let your imagination take flight…

Which flooring ideas is your favourite? Any others you can recommend? Tell us about it in the comments below! 

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