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Graceful Geometry in the Suburbs

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A recent project by Poché Arquitetura in Brazil produced a suburban home elegantly distinguished from its neighbours. This contemporary geometric beauty combines strong structural planes with a light and earthy colour palette, rendering a strong yet ethereal impression. The robust and clean lines of this structure defines its minimalist design that has become ever so popular. It is, however, exceptional to find such a modern design in the heart of the suburbs!

As we will see walking around and through this firmly grounded, yet seemingly light and ethereal family home, a sense of escape is encapsulated in the dream-like interiors, which the strong and structural exterior cleverly conceals. 

This is well-planned modern home that easy living in the suburbs whilst keeping to a strict modern design standards.

Let's take a look!

Agreeable asymmetry

The ultramodern façade of the house produces an attractive image of structure epitomised by the rectangular design. The slightly contrasting colours of the outer walls brings balance into the composition divided by varied geometric components. The use of this natural stone colour scheme blends well with the natural surroundings but differentiates the house from other man-made structures surrounding it.

The driveway provides an unbroken passage from the street right into the home area, blending the the living space with the environment. The structure is built up of stacked boxes of different sizes, creating both repetition and contrast in the overall image, leaving us with a sense of interest in continuity. 

Prominent street-side features

The sharp edges of the house's rectangular features are striking from every angle. It is doubtful that anyone will miss this impressive structure driving down the street! The highlighted horizontal lines lead the eye across arresting façade.

The vertical window that stretches along the length of the side of the house allows maximum light to filter into the living spaces. This feature also ties together the spaces inside the house vertically. The prominent use of natural stone in strategic areas of outer walls break up the cubic features and creates an interesting variance in the colours scheme. 

Starting from scratch

Taking full advantage of the building site, the construction utilises the entire plot space available. This rear view of the suburban home indicates a complete use of the property stand, maximizing the space available for the home. The tiered rectangular levels fashions a crowning effects, bathing this modern house in a sense of royal splendour.

The white of the outer rear walls also blend effortlessly with the ephemeral clouds in the sky, creating the illusion of delicate elegance. The natural stone used for the annex provides a pleasing contrast and signifies a distinction between in- and outdoors. 

Useful space

The tall white walls of this home creates a blank canvas which can be personalised by the home owner with art and individualised accessories. In this lounge area the composition of furniture and accessories supplies a cosy ambiance with neutral colours and artistic references to natural elements.

The neutral earthen stone colour used in the upholstery is a nod to the exterior of the house, and blends well with the light of the white spaces inside. The use of many different objects closely together does not overburden the space or create a too-busy atmosphere, as the tall ceiling, large windows and bright background compensate in area capacity.

Open-plan living at its best

The open-plan structure employed in the design of this handsome interior allows for a relaxed atmosphere and an effortless integration between spaces. The large windows and continuous incorporation of light allows for gracefully bright living spaces.

A light, white textile is used to cover the larger-than-life windows, extending the presence of light even in privacy. It also contributes to a cool atmosphere and allows for clarity throughout the interior. Making use of sliding glass doors onto the patio, a strong connection is created between the inside and outside of the home. This will encourage making use of all the living space available, which is especially beneficial in warmer climates. 

Dreamy dining

Moving to the dining room, the use of white as canvas is continued along with earthy and natural colours—as throughout the design. Minimal decorative features combined with elegant, light colours and polished finishes create a dream-like dining area. The woolly textured rug on the floor contributes to this ethereal sensation and supports the relaxed ambiance. It is clear that a relaxed and calm overtone permeates the entire home. 

The perfect patio

The first floor exterior hovers strategically over the patio space, creating a practical shelter for weather exposure without limiting the space too much. Especially in warm areas of the world or in more temperate seasons, it is very beneficial to have the indoors of the house blend effortlessly with the outdoors.

It is clear that the patio area was designed with the goal of creating a tranquil area to which the family can escape—even if it is only separated with glass from the rest of the house! It is an easily accessible area equipped with elements to ensure a leisurely afternoon break any at any time. 

This bold and contemporary design shows us that cutting-edge design and beauty can easily be encompassed in suburban living. 

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​The House of Modern Beauty in the Trees
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