7 ideas to transform your backyard into a super braai space

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The braai is a sacred activity for South Africans, and there are few who do not enjoy the practice. For those who absolutely love the practice, entertaining friends at home with a braai is one of the greatest joys of the weekend. With a well-planned braai area on a balcony, porch or terrace, your home can become a focus of nights and pleasant afternoons, laughter and casual conversation, intimate meetings and small receptions. If you have a covered patio or backyard, these ideas will inspire you to decide how to create a great space to meet with friends.

This ideabook presents seven options that cater to small and medium sized yards. Look closely at the type of garden furniture, which devices are present, colours used, decorative objects, and plants which all combine to predispose these areas for high-spirited times. Turn your home into the epicentre of your social life!

1. A rustic space

You can print a lot of style into braai space, such as seen in this design. It is an environment that almost looks like the dining room of a cottage. Every detail expresses love in the decor. Why not take up these ideas and add a wicker lamp, exhibit works of art and fine pieces of furniture, such as the antique dresser we see in the photo?

2. A room for the outside

This armed space under one roof is a small luxury that may well serve as inspiration. Just imagine how many unforgettable nights you could create in a courtyard like this! The outside of this impeccable space has tiles, and the comfortable interior living room boasts a bar and braai. Natural touches are given by plants casually placed between the furniture. It is a space ideal for winter and summer. That's a great offer!

3. Enlarge the interior

A good idea for the design of houses and gardens is to create continuity between the interior and exterior spaces, creating a kind of broad and flexible common area. It is a good idea if you have the space and large windows or glass doors. The continued effect is reinforced by the similarity of shapes and colours between the indoor and outdoor furniture.

4. Umbrella and chairs on the porch

Bedroom 3 Terrace TG Studio Patios
TG Studio

Bedroom 3 Terrace

TG Studio

This space is just great. Of course, the landscape has a lot! It is not only the landscape, however. Each element in this design was handpicked. You can just imagine your friends sprawled on the couch, right? All under an umbrella, lots of pillows, spending time, talking about life, work and leisure. The professionals at TG Studio agreed to mix rustic decor with modern touches with excellent results.

5. A deck and covered patio

With a covered patio, eclectic furniture can be good for your braai area. Adding a table and a kitchen allows you to have your own bar at home for meetings with all your friends. Note the wooden furniture set and metal in the foreground, as well as the chairs with woven metal mesh.

6. Install a balcony with braai

Wood, brick and earth tones for the walls form an unbeatable team when it comes to patios and play areas. In this context, the lamps can be simple, combined with ethnic ornaments and very simple floors. Placing all kitchen elements in a corner of the recreation area can transform the rest of the space into a dance floor.

7. Pergola

A pergola covered with semi-transparent plastic plates can make a wonderful appearance! One wall can receive objects of decoration and kitchenware, creating a recreational area with everything you need to have a good time. Instead of doors, you can use cabinets or shelves, as well as several wicker baskets to keep utensils clean. This look will give your backyard a relaxing and fresh air.

Now that you have some ideas to organise the space for your braai area, take a look at these: Grill designs for the actual braai!

Which of these braai space designs do you think will go well in your backyard?

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