​6 tips for decorating your small living room

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They say good things come in small packages – so remember that the next time you throw your hands up in the air when faced with your tiny bedroom, bathroom, or kitchenette.

But today we want to focus on your small living room, and how to squeeze all the “goodness” out of that small package. That room may be small, but it doesn’t have to be unliveable – whether it’s going to be cramped or comfortable depends entirely on you and your choice of décor and furnishings.

Let’s take a look at the right way to decorate your small living room back home.

1. Your choice of furniture

Ask yourself honestly how much furniture you really need in that small living room. Do you have to place in that gigantic sofa, or will a few loose-standing tubback chairs be better suited to your limited legroom? 

Remember not to use up all the space on seating – there needs to be leftover room for additional pieces like side tables, perhaps a coffee table, some décor pieces, lighting, and perhaps a cabinet or two that can help out with storage.

2. The colours you use

Even if you have an undying love for bold and dramatic colours like cobalt blue or coal grey, stick with the lighter tones for your small living room. Light neutrals like whites, creams, and beiges can help make that small room seem more visually spacious. 

And remember that incoming light (whether natural or artificial) will bounce easier off light tones than dark ones, brightening up that small room even more.

3. What accessories you pick

Yes, a mirror will add visual spaciousness and reflect the light, but you are allowed to bring in some other décor pieces too. 

Some wall art with interesting colours and patterns, for example, can take the focus off the small space, especially when it complements the rest of the room’s pieces. 

Here is how you: Display your wall art like a pro.

4. The lighting

Any room, whether big or small, is going to need adequate lighting. But where you choose to place those lighting fixtures will determine if that small room is a design hit or miss. 

Think of your living room’s main function (Is it to entertain others? To relax by yourself? To watch TV?), and then work from there. Place lighting fixtures (wall sconces and ceiling downlighters spare some extra floor space) that illuminate the required areas, such as the seating areas or the TV unit.

And if you won’t budge on that life-sized wall cabinet that shows off your books, keepsakes, and other décor pieces, then by all means just make sure it’s adequately lit so that your guests can also enjoy it.

5. Rely on double-duty pieces

Small living rooms usually come with small houses/apartments, which means there’s generally no room for other functions, such as a study.

If that’s the case with your place and you want to bring in some functionality, opt for multi-functional furniture pieces, such as a desk that can fold out of the wall or TV cabinet, ottomans that can double up as coffee tables and seating spots in front of your desk, or even a sofa that pulls out into an extra bed to instantly switch that living room to a guest bedroom.

6. Trust your instincts

Online sites like homify and Pinterest are here to satisfy your design needs and help you achieve interior (and architectural) beauty. But don’t feel that you need to copy what you see online verbatim.

Take your own likes, dislikes, personal tastes, and curiosity into consideration when decorating a space. And if you want to take a chance and switch up that neutral side table for a hot-pink credenza, for example, then go with it – just make sure you can live with the consequences of your design choices.

Remember that designing and decorating should always be fun, and the results should leave you feeling happy and comfortable, not worried and miserable. 

Good luck!

Got any more advice when it comes to decorating a small space? Let us hear all about it!

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