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The next in a range of fantastic prefabricated houses we are inspecting, is a bungalow that is high on function and style, but also super low on cost. You can’t go wrong with this model, which should definitely be a staple of affordable, modern housing around the world.

We are speaking of the House Umbra, another impressive model by Domy y Styluarchitects based in Poland who specialise in prefabricated housing. We've seen some great projects by this firm in the past, which recently included this simple family home full of love and life, as well as this one which was created on only a small budget and love. 

The House Umbra is a very affordable little home which is sure to win your heart with its easy lifestyle and simple beauty. Join us to take a closer look!

Traditional bungalow house

The first sight we have of the House Umbra provides a very traditional picture of a conventional ground level home in a contemporary modernist style. The structure is simple and the white exterior is not novel to homes we see around many suburbs. The traditional hip roof is decked in grey shingles, all combining to make this a very standard modern house. 

We should not, however, take this classic look for granted, as we know how susceptible trends are to constant change, and going for a more timeless look like this one will serve you well in the long term. The house is really far from boring, as the tones and angles used in the facade is really very stylish. 

Regardless of a tried and trusted structure, you will surely be surprised to find that this entire house can be obtained for a mere R350 000!! Did you even think it was possible in our day and age to build a whole home for that price? We were definitely incredulous at first, but we assure you it's true. This alone should make this model very attractive to most. 

Minimal and warm interior

The great thing about a no-fuss exterior, is that you can spend more or your time, energy and resources on creating a comfortable and stylish interior, specified to your own needs. After all, we do spend more time indoors than around our house, since this is the structure's actual purpose!

So, here we have a glimpse of the House Umbra's interior, and we can definitely see that more heart and warmth lies in here. This is the open-plan living area, which includes a living room/lounge, as well as the dining area, which we can see a glimpse of here, and the kitchen (to follow). The furnishing and decoration of the space is warm and natural, making the space fee at once stylish and comforting. 

Streamlined kitchen

As promised, we now move over to the kitchen of the house, which is the pinnacle of functionality and style. This is an area which had been highly streamlined to ensure best possible use is made of space and that the inhabitants have easy access to whatever they may need in their culinary endeavours. 

Regardless of the kitchen's sober and practical structure, however, it is still an aesthetically pleasing space, with the use of wood, grey and white to create a modern look, well complemented by the steel appliances and large window in the corner. 

Simple yet romantic

Now we move on deeper into this humble, yet impressive house, and here we find ourselves in the master bedroom. As we can see from this image, the room's dimensions are not very generous, but the simplicity and style of its contents transform the small space into a sophisticated and romantic abode.

The minimal furniture and decoration in conjunction with the monochromatic colour scheme makes this room supremely stylish, but the warm lighting scheme and elegant chandelier adds that touch of the romantic. 

Light and relaxing

Finally, we end our pleasant tour of this affordable and aesthetically pleasing home in the family bathroom. This is a room filled with light and life. The white background is subtly complemented by the light wooden covering of the bathtub, sink space and shelves. Stylish chrome features add a contemporary touch, whilst LED lights ensures everything not reached by the natural light coming in through the window, is covered. 

This house has certainly proved to by sophisticated from top to bottom, and all of that in such a tight budget. This definitely made our day!

What's your take on this prefab home?

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