The incredible transformation of a small garden

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When we have small gardens, we can often end up neglecting them. We plant a few trees and then lose interesting, resulting in a very unattractive exterior space. Because it's small, however, we don't think that it makes such a big difference.

This couldn't be further than the truth! Your garden has a huge impact on the exterior look and feel of your home as well as your facade. You want it to look neat, organised and stylish.

Today, we are going to see how much of a difference a good garden design can make in this impressive project by gardening and landscape professionals Gardscape

Not only will you experience the most incredible transformation but you will also hopefully learn a few tips and tricks for your own garden.

Before: Chaos

Can you see how unattractive a horrible garden can make your home look? 

At some point the residents tried to make the garden look neat and beautiful, but it has become overgrown, old and disorganised over time, with plenty of weeds. It sets the tone for a very unattractive looking home!

Yet, we can see that there is quite a bit of potential. The question is, how often do we make the most of it?

Before: Space available

In this image, we can see that there is actually quite a bit of space available for a wonderful garden design. The truth is that many of us have more exterior space than we realise!

The other important point is that you can really create depth and space with a garden by using the right tools and elements. It's all about perception, as we will soon find out.

The sketch

Remember that with any great designs, you need a bit of planning and a bit of strategy. In this image, we can see how the designers have sketched a beautiful drawing, planning how they will put the new and improved garden together.

As we can see, the designers have planned for lush plants and trees as well as a little water feature or pond. It also looks like the garden is going to seem very big.

Are you ready to take a look at the final results?

After: The incredible transformation

Can you even believe that this is the same garden?

The designers have added some chic and modern materials to the space including black tiles, stone pebbles and a wooden deck. These all contrasts beautifully with one another, creating a very earthy and trendy look and feel.

The little deck in the middle of the garden features some patio furniture, allowing the residents in this home the opportunity to relax in the middle of the garden and soak in the fresh air, sunshine and the smell of the beautiful flowers and plants.

In this image, we can also see how carefully organised and designed the garden is. Each rock, each tree and each flower has a very coordinated home.

After: The pond

Finally, we get a chance to see the water feature!

A pond or water feature brings a lovely serene ambiance to any garden thanks to the soft trickling sound, the wildlife that it attracts and the tranquility of the water itself. It completely enhances a garden space.

Surrounded by gorgeous stones, rocks and boulders, this pond also allows you to be transported to the middle of the countryside. You would totally forget that you were in the middle of the city if you decided to relax next to this pool.

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After: The lighting

One way to really enhance and illuminate an exterior space, especially when it is so gorgeously designed, is to install some beautiful outdoor lights.  

In this image, we can see how they enhance the greens of the trees and the blues of the pond water. They are also functional too, allowing the family an opportunity to utilise this space at night too. Don't you think this makes for the most ideal and romantic spot?

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