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25 avoidable small home decorating disasters

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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So although modern homes can often be styled as a result of personal choice or in trends that are currently fashionable, there are some major design choices to avoid especially when decorating a small home. The homify team have compiled a list of décor faux paus that promise to save you time, effort and of course money when upgrading the design of your home. So whether you are searching for the perfect sofa, considering colour choices for your living room or even just adding accessories to your home, this Ideabook has you covered!

1. Keep cupboards to a counter top level in a small kitchen to make the kitchen look more spacious.

country Kitchen by homify

This kitchen design is traditional and chic.

2. Separate living spaces in a studio apartment, this will allow your home to feel larger

eclectic Kitchen by  Design

3. Create the illusion of ceiling height by hanging your curtains higher

 Windows & doors  by Bilderwelten

4. Choose furniture that fits into your space perfectly, too big can look overwhelming and too small can just look odd

5. Embrace patterns and use them well

6. Stick to one colour for the walls to avoid them looking patchy and disjointed

7. Large items of furniture in the centre of the room will drown the space, so consider placement and layout

colonial Bedroom by TurnPost

8. Think carefully about accessorising in your home, don’t include items just for aesthetic purposes as this will only add clutter

colonial Bedroom by DUNCOMBE OXLEYS

9. Adding a mezzanine level is a great way of using your ceiling height to its maximum potential

modern Nursery/kid’s room by homify

10. Moveable partitions are a great way to separate spaces without cutting off areas of the home with permanent walls

11. Natural light can have an amazing effect on the space of a room

industrial Kitchen by Vipp

12. Maintain the visual flow of the room by utilising the same colour when transitioning from room to room

modern Living room by MIROarchitetti

13. Add some accent materials to personalise an all-white interior

14. Utilise each corner if you have many belongings to store

 Household by shelfbar

15. Avoid collecting and hoarding clutter

16. Create practical and functional spaces

17. Add extra storage wherever you can to avoid clutter, allowing your home to feel more spacious

Add clever storage with the help of a carpenter.

18. Get creative with your display techniques

eclectic Kitchen by mllm

19. A large mirror can make the world of difference in space for a small home

20. Be bold and brave with your choice of materials and textiles

21. Accept the small size of your home and don’t imagine that it is larger than it actually is

22. Fresh flowers are a great idea to make any room feel fresher, so don’t worry about them taking up unnecessary space

 Household by Dust

23. Consider ideas to make your furry friends feel safe and at home too

 Household by katzenkugel

24. A hallway is great for adding extra storage space

 Corridor, hallway & stairs  by buss

25. A garage is an excellent space-creating resource for a home

classic Garage/shed by Garageflex
Which home decor mistakes have you made?
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