Landscaping: 8 easy ways to improve your patio

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Get your patio into shape with our easy tips—you don't even need special woodworking or home improvement skills!

Everyone rejoice – winter is on its way out. Although we technically have a few more weeks of shivering left, one can already sense the changing of seasons in the air.

And that means two things: starting to get ready for beach weather, and gathering ideas for those outdoor spruce ups, including the garden and terrace/patio.

And what luck, for we have a few suggestions right here on how you can zhoosh up your patio in time for spring.

Sit back and start feeling inspired…

1. Add some potted pretties

PLANTER BOXES ON UPSTAIRS PATIO Oxford Trellis Balconies, verandas & terraces Plants & flowers
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Oxford Trellis

Way less labour-intensive than tending to a garden, potted plants allow you to spruce up your space with some freshness without having to have a green thumb. Plus, no weeding! 

There is almost no restriction on what we can use as a planter, just as long as the dirt stays in and the water drains out. 

Remember that those plants’ roots will get thirstier since they aren’t attached to the Earth, so treat those potted plants to regular soakings to keep your spring patio looking ultra stylish.

2. Vertical gardens

Not enough room on that patio for a multitude of potted plants? Use the walls! Vertical gardens are one of the best inventions since chocolate, allowing us to adorn our spaces with plants and flowers vertically rather than horizontally.

Need some help constructing one? Then see: How can I create and plant a vertical garden?

3. Bring back spring colours

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Oxford Trellis

Celebrate the return of spring by including some vibrant colours in your garden / on your patio. Pinks, reds, yellows, purples… they will all do quite nicely.

But be sure to treat your outdoor furniture to some pizzazz as well: scatter cushions, sofas, throws, table covers… let those colourful ideas run wild!

4. Opt for timber-panelled pots

PLANTER BOXES IN WOOD Oxford Trellis Garden Plants & flowers Wood
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Oxford Trellis

Cement and terracotta are not the alpha and omega of planters – there is an entire world of materials out there that can help you hold your selection of plants and flowers.

And wood is most definitely one of them – just see how fantastic these panelled pots above look with the added greens inside them. Best of all, due to wood’s flexible look, you can acquire just about any timber pots that will fit in with your chosen patio style, from rustic and colonial to ultra modern and Asian…

5. Set some shade

Whether it’s winter or spring, that sun is always a force to be reckoned with. But seeing as we’ll be outside much more often within the next few weeks, it’d be most wise to opt for some shade on that porch / next to the pool/in the garden.

Fortunately, our options are quite endless: planted trees, covered pergolas, awnings, Bedouin tents, shade sails, free-standing umbrellas, table-set umbrellas, and much more.

For optimum results, go with umbrella/tent/sail fabrics that complement your patio’s colour palette.

6. Show off some patterns

VERSAILLES PLANTER Oxford Trellis Garden Plant pots & vases
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Oxford Trellis

Yes, your patio’s new scatter cushions may be adorned with patterns, but they’re not the only ones. Those plant containers can also show off some artistic surfaces, whether you plan on getting creative with some paint yourself, or just opting to go buy pots with good old block motives, as shown above. 

From landscape designers to expert tilers, we have them all here on homify, and much more. Check out our professionals page.

7. Double-duty pieces

PLANTER CLADDING Oxford Trellis Garden Accessories & decoration Wool
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Oxford Trellis

We understand if your patio/porch is a bit on the small side, as long as you understand that that’s no excuse. Double-duty pieces are the answer!

Garden pots that can double up as seating benches (like shown above) is by no means a new invention, so get down to that nurser/garden store ASAP and pick out some fabulous ones.

8. Shine some lights

Seeing as the temperatures will be getting much more pleasant, chances are great that we’ll want to spend more time outside at night as well. 

Better have some lighting fixtures ready on that porch, as you never know when an after-work coffee could turn into a festive occasion!

What other add-ons can you think of for that patio/outdoor space? Share with us below...

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