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10 ways to spruce up your small kitchen

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Your kitchen is meant to be your pride and joy, the space where you cook delicious meals, catch up with your children over cups of tea or share a glass of wine with your partner after a long day. 

Just because your kitchen is small doesn't mean that you can't make the absolute most of it. It should still be heart and soul of the home, were culinary creations take place as well as some of your favourite memories. 

Today, at homify, we are going to show you 10 stylish ways to spruce up your small kitchen, so that it transforms into a space that you never want to leave. 

Let's take a look!

1. Invest in good quality materials

Materials like marble or granite can completely enhance your home, adding a chic and modern touch. No matter how small your kitchen is, these materials will become the focal point of the space. Size will be irrelevant!

2. Go all white




Nothing makes a kitchen look more clean, organised and spacious than going for the all-white design. 

In this image, we can see how the all-white design can make for a very appealing space. Don't you just want to cook up a feast on these bare counters?

Have a look at these: 27 stylish white kitchens.

3. Patterned floors

Opt for patterned floors in your kitchen to add some personality, charm and colour to the space. You can go for tiles or linoleum, neither of which are too expensive. Not only will these floors look great, they'll also be easy to clean!

Can you see in this design, by professionals Drom Living, how the floors spruce up the entire space, working in harmony with the colours throughout the rest of the kitchen?

4. A touch of wood

Wood is always a wonderful design element to introduce to any room in the house as it adds warmth and charm to the space. The tones of this material create a very inviting and welcoming ambiance. In this image, we can see how it truly can transform a kitchen into the heart of the home. 

You also don't need to use too much of it. Add a piece of wooden furniture here or there.

5. Grey tones

Grey is a very stylish neutral colour that works incredibly well with white. In this design, we can see how grey kitchen cabinets and shelves complement white counter tops, creating a very modern and aesthetically appealing space.

You could also choose to add grey wallpaper or finishes to a white kitchen for a stunning visual effect.

6. Smart storage

If your kitchen is small, you don't want to waste any space. Opt for smart storage solutions throughout such as shelves, cabinets and drawers where you can store items neatly out of sight. 

Have a look at these: 6 smart kitchen storage solutions.

This will leave your counter tops clean and devoid of clutter.

7. Smart technology

Nothing makes a kitchen look more sleek or become more convenient than smart technology. Invest in the top appliances as well as tools that will make cooking and cleaning that much simpler. 

A television in the kitchen can add to that tech-savvy look and feel, while also allowing you to watch your favourite cooking shows while you cook up a feast.

Your kitchen will look so smart, no-one will notice the size.

8. Add some charm and creativity

Use your kitchen to add some personality and warmth to your home. Add some colourful pieces of furniture or even better, make the most of that blank wall! 

Add artwork or paint it black to create a chalk board where the whole family can write up recipes, grocery lists or famous quotes. This is the ultimate in charm!

9. Kitchen lighting is key

Key to a homely and spacious looking kitchen is lighting.

For starters, you want natural light to flow into the kitchen area. Invest in skylights as well as large windows and doors if possible. Sunlight will make the kitchen look brighter, more welcoming and that much bigger.

Secondly, you want to invest in lights that allow you to see what you are doing while you are cooking. These should be particularly bright, but shouldn't overwhelm the whole space.

Thirdly, you want dimming lights that can be adjusted to create ambiance and romance throughout the space.

10. Add some nature

Last, but certainly not least, one of the best ways to spruce up your kitchen is to add a vase of fresh flowers, a pot plant or even a tree.

Natural forms of decor like this can create a very warm and welcoming kitchen while adding a bit of a rustic touch.

Which tips will you be implementing in your kitchen?

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