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Few things are as exciting as when a dull and empty space gets treated to a bright and vivacious makeover – which is why our ‘before and after’ segments here on homify bring us (and you, we’re sure) such joy! 

Today’s discovery is like an artist discovering a colouring book – from empty and pale drawings to an end result bursting with jovial tones and vibrant colours. It all started with a spacious and modern apartment that was full of promise, yet also full of emptiness. So, some professional interior designers on top of their stylish game were called in for a magic makeover, and we get to see the stunning end results!

Before: a blank page

Beautiful, don’t you think? Although empty and lacking in the colour and décor department, this dining space has it all: spacious floor, stunning natural lighting, and a lovely balcony mere feet away from where scrumptious meals can be enjoyed. 

But, like we said, it is like a brand new colouring book just waiting to be discovered…

Before: full of promise

This apartment enjoys an open-plan layout, which means it’s a seamless merging of different rooms. Here we can see how the dining space joins up with the living area, superbly enhancing the feeling of expansiveness. 

To boost the promising look even further, large windows and clever built-in shelves show us just how much potential lies in wait in this empty shell. 

Now all we need is a couple of ingenious designers with some clever creativity up their sleeves…

After: a splash of colour

The empty colouring book has been discovered, and what a stunning transformation this turned out to be! Elegant greys and cosy blues take control of the colour palette, mixing fantastically well with patterned cushions and striped upholstery pieces. 

A tripod floor lamp adds some striking character (as well as illumination) to the living room, while a graceful floor rug effortlessly pulls all the new elements together. 

Contrasting fabulously with the ‘cool’ living area is the dining space in the back, which flaunts a slightly warmer look thanks to the lighting and hot colour tones.

After: the artistic focal point

One of the new wall colours is an earthy brown, which turns out to be the focal point of the living room. Here, a little art gallery made up of black and white framed photography pieces adorns the wall, made even more striking thanks to the ceiling lights. 

Let’s see how you can: Inject some cool into your room with a rug.

After: a dining space that radiates with energy

We just can’t ignore the welcoming ambience of the dining space: the colours, the lighting, the furniture and décor pieces… they have all been chosen with artistic perfection.

The round dining table allows for a soft look as well as more energy flow – and, as you probably know, is a very clever choice for smaller spaces.

After: a touch of quirkiness

The sleek and metallic overhead lamps cast a soft and serene glow over the table, deliciously complementing the warm and earthy colours of the scene.  But it’s the colourful artwork that runs off with our votes of approval, for it fills the space with some fabulous pizzazz and colour, ensuring a bit of quirky character in this very elegant setting.

The perfect space, or not really your style? Tell us what you think in our comments section, situated below.

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