A family home with smart open spaces

Leigh Leigh
大東の家, アトリエ スピノザ アトリエ スピノザ Scandinavian style corridor, hallway& stairs
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Tokyo-based architect professionals Atelier Spinoza have a treat in store for us today, as they bring us one of the most impressive yet subtle architectural designs that we have seen here at homify.

Japanese homes are characterised by a strong link with nature, which is a great design tool to learn from especially for South African homes. With our beautiful climate and breathtaking views, there should be more of a connection between the interior of our homes and the exterior. Today we will see subtle yet innovative ways that we can achieve this.

The architecture is also minimalist and understated, with lots of natural light and open spaces. If we are looking towards a more simpler way of life but we don't want to give up our home comforts, this is the perfect project to learn from.

Let's take a look!

The warm exterior

The exterior of the home reveals to us that this isn't a small or modest-size home. Yet there is nothing ostentatious or overwhelming about this front facade.

This is because the designers have opted for a Scandinavian design for the exterior (and the interior as we will soon see), which is characterised by neutral colours, warm materials and very simple yet sophisticated finishes.

In this image, we can see how white contrasts beautifully with the light wooden panels interspersed throughout the facade. Large glass windows and balcony areas open the home up onto the exterior. 

Already we can see how nature is going to play a role, with beautiful trees, plants and flowers enhancing the exterior facade.

Private areas

While this home is designed to be integrated with nature, we can see that the architects have ensured that the family still have their privacy. This is a city space after all, with a high concentration of houses in a small area.

The designers have used a wooden panel fence to create privacy for the family in their garden, without compromising on the open space. We can also see that there are a lot of windows throughout the facade, offering the home sunshine and ventilation, without allowing the neighbourhood to see into the house.

Interior delight

If we step inside the home, we come across the same neutral colours that we saw throughout the exterior. Light wooden floors work in harmony with white walls.

There is also an open plan design, where each room flows onto the next. This creates a very spacious, warm and interactive interior. 

The protagonist of the home, however, is this glassed off courtyard, which features a beautiful tree. This truly integrates nature with the interior, allowing sunlight to stream into this space. It also looks so innovative and striking.

The open spaces

If we make our way up the stairs, we can see how the different levels of the home flow into one another, with wide spaces between the two. This creates a feeling of openness and interconnected rooms.

The wooden staircase leads up to the second floor, forming a design element in itself. In a minimalist home where there isn't an abundance of decor items, you want the functional features of the home to play just as much of a role in the decor of the space. Trimmed with white railings, these wooden stairs are a gorgeous addition to the home.

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Lighting plays a huge role throughout the interior. We can see that natural light is prominent, but there are also soft lights installed throughout that create ambiance.

The open kitchen

The kitchen flows seamlessly into the living area, separated slightly by the U-shape of the kitchen counters and cupboards.

The grey tones used for the kitchen also slightly separate it from the rest of the interior very subtly. You'll also notice that there are no items on the kitchen counters. All cutlery, crockery and glassware is stored neatly away in the kitchen cupboards. Not only does this create a very organised kitchen, but it makes for a very sleek and stylish space devoid of clutter and chaos.

In the living area, we can also see evidence of optimal storage space. This makes for a very sleek and minimalist home.

View from the top

We end off our tour looking at the home from the upstairs section of the house, where we can see how the high ceilings and the natural light play a role in opening this home up so it looks spacious and bright. 

This also proves that you don't need too many decor items or details in your home. A fresh vase of flowers does this job!

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