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A renovation that shows that nothing is impossible

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If you are one of those people who thinks it preferable to buy a new home, creating a project to your needs and with your means, you need to know that there are other interesting options before and after construction. The remodelling of homes that are in a state of abandonment, but that have a recoverable structure or an interesting location, may represent an excellent opportunity for renovation and restoration that will respond equally to your wishes. If you prefer the second alternative you may, in most cases, get to enjoy a magnificent home with far lower cost involved and personalized according to your tastes.

The villa we see here today was built in 1885 in Spain. In this article, you will learn of a before and after project that will surely fascinate you!

Before: Main facade divided in two

The terrace of this house before the renovation was limited by a low wall adjacent to a second house that was joined to the first.

The house that we see in the foreground was traditional and in a reasonable condition. The walls lacked, however, a good coat of paint and the floor had to be replaced. Moreover, since the second house denoted a state of advanced deterioration visible on the walls, intervention was urgently necessary. 

Let's see how they were after being joined.

After: A facade and uniform height

Joining both houses was indeed an asset. The villa, now wide, has been fully restored and expanded in width and height. The dark shutters gave way to clear doors framed in a white hue that contrasts with the blue-grey of the house. The new colour brought a lightness and brightness, two characteristics that fit the place where the house is situated, namely Palma.

The green terrace floor was created through an artificial turf. Here you can put a table and chairs to enjoy the warmth and the Majorcan sunshine.

Before: Dark and low interior

In this picture of the house before, we can see a dilapidated interior, but with an interesting architectural detail. It may not seem like it from this image, but we certainly think here was a lot of potential. The beautiful wooden beams bring a personality and strength and therefore had to be maintained. Pay close attention to this. The change that is coming is profound.

After: Bright space at double the height

How’s this for a renovation? Seeing the space from the top floor, we notice the change made. We face a modern home with a wooden floor – a space which is clean, spacious, bright and comfortable.

The living room has simple furnishings, but all are very functional with bright colours that contrast with the white walls. Natural wood is also a detail of excellence in this project. Despite the changes, the old doors were recovered and adapted to a new distribution.

The structure of the wooden ceiling was preserved, but painted white in order to offer higher brightness and harmonize with this that is now a modern and stylish space.

A new kitchen—bright and modern

The furniture in the house was built from reclaimed wood beams of construction, and in this way the designers attributed new functions to old materials. The kitchen with an island in white coexists in the same space with the dining area in wood, where we see a bench suspended on the wall. This is a well-lit, modern kitchen with natural wood floors and light colours that provide a sense of space and cleanliness, elegance and modernity. A real surprise!

Area of multiple uses on second floor

This area of the house is home to the office. The space arises from the use made of the height of the house which allowed the addition of a mezzanine. The shelves in the background mark the workspace of the house. The light wood and a very modern rail network made of white, light and simple cord, contains an extremely functional area.

Wide and modern new bathroom

We finish this ideabook in the modern bathroom which has a large shower with a glass division that provides lightness and does not interrupt the overview of space. The earthy colours and natural wood come in the wake of what was used in the house. Not even counting on large windows, light entry points are well located and artificial lighting is distributed effectively and intelligently, making the most pleasant space and a more balanced environment.

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