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No, we are not zooming in on a little structure completed by 4-year olds at a kindergarten, but rather a very impressive house (built by real architects) that flaunts a ‘building block’ look. 

Using concrete blocks, the entire house (facade and interior rooms) flaunts a very industrial-type style, with a very raw and unique look that reminds one of an exposed brick wall – and you know how much we adore brick walls here on homify.

So, let’s get right to it, then.

Safe and secure

The facade brings an instant feeling of security and safety, while also having a warm and welcoming vibe—particularly with the lights from the night. 

The clever kitchen

That delightful industrial look continues into the kitchen, situated right next to the open-plan living area. Although this room is slightly smaller, its layout and storage possibilities are spot on to make the most of its limited legroom. 

Monochrome was clearly the theme for the kitchen, with black and white counters and cupboards offering up ample surfaces for working, cooking, cleaning, and storage. This makes the handful of accessories that insert other colours, such as red and green, even more striking.

The patio

Flaunting a mix between the minimalist- and industrial styles, the quaint little patio offers up adequate room to have a relaxing sit-down. And just check out those opposite walls balancing the building-block look – with that character and pattern, it’s almost completely unnecessary to add additional décor pieces.

The trickery of lighting

Peering into the house, we find a very cosy spot that is both functional and harmonious, thanks to its ingenious design. No cluttered corners and no overly embellished surfaces mean this space, an open-plan living room and dining spot, has a calm and open appearance. 

Notice that, even though all the walls are made of concrete blocks, the space doesn’t look cold at all. The trick? Warm lighting, casting charming glows against the concrete surfaces and spreading them throughout the room, enveloping everything in a warm and cheerful hug.

Decorations that add life

The other reason that this space, even though it’s ruled by grey concrete surfaces, doesn’t look dull or uninviting? The jovial décor and colourful touches that were strewn all around. 

Check out the dining area: the table is constructed from timber that is the colour of hot caramel, while the surrounding red chairs boost the level of warm colours even further.

The bedroom

The bedroom flaunts the same blocked-look, yet here some delightful wooden floors get introduced into the scene, contrasting superbly with those walls in terms of both pattern and colour. 

Lighting seems to be no problem in here, as windows and fixtures both help bring in adequate amounts of artificial- and natural lighting.

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A secret cinema room

We return to the patio where we started our tour for a hidden surprise – this space also gets used for movie night, thanks to an overhead projector and that crisp-white wall. All that is needed are a few chairs and some snacks, and a relaxing and entertaining evening is guaranteed!

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