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Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
residence for Artists Biome Environmental Solutions Limited Asian style houses
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They say never to judge a book by its cover – and our homify 360° discovery most definitely proves this. Although its exterior facade is noting to scoff at (after all, few materials can achieve the striking results that exposed brick walls can), this house’s style takes on a very charming look once we enter the interior side. 

Patterns, textures, colours – these can all be found throughout the house, ensuring a residence that flaunts not only spacious layouts, but also a strong character that speaks of a lived-in vibe and a strong liking for the aesthetics. 

Let’s take a look…

Brick beauty

The first thoughts that come to mind when viewing the facade are ‘simple’ and ‘unpretentious’, which is exactly what our architects were going for. Raw and exposed brick (which always flaunts a most striking look and eye-catching pattern) ensures that the house gets noticed, yet there are no excessive embellishments or overtly decorative frills to speak of – what you see is what you get. 

Some charming yellow tones get added to the colour palette, adorning the window frames of both the ground- and first storeys. And one cannot overlook the delicate patches of plants and flowers, which play an equally important part in this modern structure’s exterior beauty.

Lush surroundings

Speaking of those plants and flowers, just see how lush they make the front entrance seem, contrasting beautifully with the ruggedness of the brick and concrete surfaces.

Exterior spaces

The homeowners clearly enjoy spending time outdoors, for they insisted that a courtyard be included on the top storey – here we see how fantastically open that terrace is and allows views of both sky and adjoining landscape to become part of the aesthetics. 

To add some colourful touches (which offset most strikingly with the brick patterns of the walls), some simple-yet-stylish artwork were painted onto the one door. 

Wouldn’t this space make for a delightful relaxation spot? A few chairs or loungers, a side table, perhaps a few potted plants and flowers…

Letting the light in

Natural lighting most definitely plays a big part in this house; thanks to a skylight, a decadent dose of light streams into the ground floor, pleasingly illuminating the living room area. 

Evidently the brick walls proved to be so successful on the outside that it was decided to adorn the majority of the interior rooms with that patterned look as well.

An artistic bathroom

It’s a mixing and matching of colours and patterns in the bathroom, which was made up of recycled ceramic walls. Tiled surfaces and hand-painted areas ensure a striking wall area that gets illuminated beautifully thanks to the incoming natural light. 

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