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Building: 19 DIY ideas for small gardens (no woodworking!)

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You don't need woodworking or building skills to improve your garden with some quick DIY. 

Not all of us were blessed with stretched-out lawns and lush gardens that surround our homes – and that’s perfectly fine, seeing as this is no requirement to enjoy some beautiful greens and colourful flowers.

Any amount of space (from the most curious corner to the narrowest area) can flaunt a dash of freshness, should you use some creative thinking and clever planning. 

Thus, to serve as inspiration for your tiny garden space back home, find herewith 19 ideas that can help make a world of difference to both your indoor- and outdoor gardening.

Feel free to either phone up a professional gardener or landscape architect for assistance, or enjoy some DIYing over the weekend!

1. A concrete planter connected to your facade

2. Some tiled stepping stones for a modern touch

3. Window-high flowerpots to complement your windows

  by Chippie

Blumen Topf


4. A narrow flowerbed that spruces up an unused corner

5. Mobile flowerpots boosting your facade’s look

6. A courtyard garden that brings in some freshness

7. An interior garden that spruces up your furniture, such as a staircase

8. Stones, timber, and bamboo can also make for a unique garden space – no need for watering!

9. Stone surfaces for a cleaner, more tranquil look

10. A wooden garden border can make a charming difference

11. Climbing wall plants save on legroom, yet flaunt a fresh and lush look

mediterranean Houses by Marisol Réquia Arquitetura
Marisol Réquia Arquitetura

Residência do Pátio do Arcos

Marisol Réquia Arquitetura

12. Decorate that fence with a variety of climbing plants

13. Potted succulents for easy-peasy gardening

 Garden  by Lilac Coast
Lilac Coast

Traditional Wooden Seed Tray

Lilac Coast

14. No need for an abundance of plants – one simple tree and a grassy-covered ground surface can also make a difference

15. A Zen garden with adjoining wooden decking – very chic and stylish

16. Additional touches, such as stones and pebbles

 Patios by Bowles & Wyer
Bowles & Wyer

A Roof Garden, Chelsea

Bowles & Wyer

17. Seek unexpected spots to place some plants – like next to a ramp

18. A combination of different-sized yet similar-coloured pots for your potted pretties

19. Your choice of fence material can make all the difference!

Seeking some inspiration for those garden fences? Have a look at these: 10 Great Garden Fences.

Any other tips you have for sprucing up that tiny indoor/outdoor garden? Share with us!
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