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革工房の音色, 風景のある家.LLC 風景のある家.LLC Modern houses Iron/Steel
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From the moment you look at this home, there's a lot to love.

We’re off to Fukuyama, Japan, to discover today’s highlighted structure here on homify 360°. And what a discovery it turns out to be! 

Picture this: a site area of 339.59㎡ and a moderate total floor area of 86.53㎡, with the residence’s design taking on an elongated form of 24 metres long and only 4.5 metres wide! No doubt creativity and clever space-planning was part and parcel of these architects’ and designers’ mission.  

Shall we see how they fared?

The front facade

It is minimalism at its finest, and it’s exactly the same regardless of which country you live in: clean spaces, neutral colours, and an avoidance of overtly embellished decorations. 

With its gable roof and recessed entry being the only interruptions in this clean and tranquil facade, we are becoming more and more curious as to what those interior spaces have to offer.

The looong structure

But before we brace the interiors, we take a look at the side view – the very long side view.

The same tranquil whiteness and minimalist look we gathered from the front side continues here most splendidly, with a small roof void breaking up the structure at one point, and only a handful of windows offering up some warm glows from the inside spaces’ lighting. 

They are more than just openings, as long as you follow these: 6 tips to dress your windows to impress.

Embracing some colour

That stark-white colour of the facade leads us inside, although here it is joined by some new tones and additional materials. 

First and foremost are the timber surfaces that jump out at us, adding some charming warmth to the clean minimalist scene. An elongated rug draws our eyes through the linear space while armchairs with a slight Scandinavian vibe inject some colour and soft style into the furniture department. 

Clean, elegant, and timeless is what we gather from this space. Oh, and clutter-free!

A marriage of materials

What a striking composition this image is, a combination (or should we say ‘contrast’?) of materials that results in a very striking look. Cool concrete and warm timber adorn this space beautifully, made even more striking thanks to the minimum amount of furniture and decorative pieces. 

And we can see that our homeowners are indeed in the know when it comes to saving up space, judging by their choices of furniture (a round dining table which takes up less space and is more user-friendly than a square one, and side tables that can comfortably fit underneath each other to squeeze out a little extra legroom).

Incoming light

Here we see the space beneath the roof void we saw from the exterior side view earlier. It announces the location of a small courtyard, but as it’s filled up with water, it cannot be used at all. This is because its prime purpose is aesthetic value, as well as allowing some natural light to enter the interior via the windows

However, that glass sliding door can be opened should the occupants desire a little fresh air.

A final look

Stepping back, we can see how that unused courtyard allows some light into the interiors, as well as its brilliance at breaking up the linear space of the home. 

This look, mixed with the appealing patterns and materials from the décor and furniture pieces, makes for a very unique scene that helps to elevate this unusual structure into a loving and charming family home.

We love it, but can’t speak for everyone. Tell us what you think about this unusual house.

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