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We all know that a garden is so much more than a rose bush and a fence, there's usually some woodworking involved. Some additional touches are required to turn that exterior space into something special, and most often than not, a garden path gets added in.

But what is the technique to laying down a garden path (or stepping stones) that is a cut above the rest, to make it stand out from your neighbour’s without going overboard? 

Let’s see some vital tips.

1. Stepping on stones

You don’t need a lush lawn to enjoy some striking stepping stones; just see how fantastic this stone garden looks with the addition of some flat stones carving out a neat little garden path.

2. A consistent look

Nowhere is it written in stone (get it?) that those steps need to be equal size and distance from each other. Feel free to go with a natural and organic look for your stepping stones.

However, most modern gardens tend to have a consistent look about them, which includes the path.

3. An uphill look

Casa Lago renziravelo Modern Garden

Casa Lago


If that garden or yard of yours isn’t 100% level, your path/stepping stones may resemble an outdoor staircase in some spots. Nothing wrong with that, as long as you space those steps apart in such a way to ensure comfortable walking for you and your guests.

4. Tiled surfaces

Your garden path can be as narrow or wide as you want it to be (and, of course, depending on how much space you have available). We love how this example uses big stone-tiled areas instead of stepping spots, giving us enough room to perhaps even place a lounger or furniture set on them.

5. Your material of choice

Those stepping stones don’t have to be made from stone, you know? Concrete or brick, stone or timber, doesn’t matter – there is a world of choices available to you when it comes to choosing a material for your garden path.

6. Combining styles

Just as we sometimes combine design styles for our interior rooms, so can a combination of different looks result in a striking vision for our exterior areas too. Case in point, this unique mix between stone steps and a path made from wooden panelling. 

Throw in the brick surfaces of the fountain in the background, and we have a pleasant little eclectic look on our hands.

7. Additional touches

Incorporating additional touches to your garden path can make it even more striking. Lining it with pebbles, planting flowers along the side, or even alternating between concrete and grass areas (as shown above) can make for a unique look.

After all, what is the point of having a garden if it’s just going to resemble your neighbour’s?

8. Additional touches 2

Notice how exquisite these cement steps stand out from the lush greenness of the lawn, as well as the organic flow of the adjoining flowerbeds.  And to ensure some character, the stepping stones’ texture clearly contrasts with the brick- and stone surfaces nearby.

9. Grass steps

Ever heard of grass steps? You have now… Although this does require a bit more work (maybe even the phoning up of a professional gardener or landscape architect), the end result can look quite unique and striking, regardless of your garden’s particular look or theme.

10. A curvy appeal

Just like any other design project, some thinking-outside-the-box can make all the difference. Notice, for example, how the curvy layout of the stepping stones above balances with the linearity of the house. This is a not too-massive contrast, however, as the earth colours of both areas link them back up again. 

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What other ideas can you come up with to make that garden path stunning and stylish? Let us know in our comments space, below.

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